Apply what you know!
I had a dream last night of a tree with branches and one of the branches had a brown snake wrapped around it making it appear thicker than it was. Some preachers were discussing their latest revelations and theology and some of them were wanting more substantial, outstanding revelations to preach. One of the preachers was actively encouraging others to embrace a new doctrine he had come across – (represented by the snake wrapped around the branch making it look thicker) – and was willing to compromise with the fact that a snake was involved because the revelation sounded so amazing and preaching this revelation would make him more highly sought after.

On waking I felt the Lord warning that the people of God need to be aware of the trap of the enemy to entice us to feel we need to add to the purity of the Gospel.
Eph 4:14
“… we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting,”

The temptation to shy away from preaching the simple message of the gospel is significant in an age when so many seem to be always looking for the next new thing. We want to see the latest movie, the newest gadget, the next new thing to grab our attention, yet I believe that God is looking for us not to be moved by a desire for something new, or the need to impress, but to apply what he has given us.

There is a desperate need in the body of Christ for the application of the teaching of Christ in our day to day lives. We have heard so much, yet how many apply what they know? I have been praying for some time now that the Holy Spirit would give me eye salve to see things clearly, and He has been leading me into the greater joy of what it means to have the kingdom of God within me. The power of walking in the freedom of Christ, manifesting his righteous, peace and joy; walking in love and fellowshipping with the Holy Ghost. Lord help us to be fully aware and fully awake to live the simple truths of Your word!

Katherine Ruonala