Katherine Ruonala, Australia
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When God shows you that His ways are better than yours, give up on your own schemes. Don’t go kicking and screaming. Just let go. It’s a whole lot easier and more joyful when you come to believe that the wilderness isn’t something God is putting you through. It’s something He’s bringing you through.

That’s different, isn’t it? One is a burden, the other is a glorious victory. And it’s all about your perspective.

That’s a perspective learned best in the valley of weeping. It becomes a place of springs if we turn our focus to God and develop intimacy with Him. We learn things in the wilderness that we can’t learn any other time, and we develop a hope that cannot be shaken and a joy that can never be taken away. And that joy—our delight in the Lord Himself—prepares us to bear the glory of the wonders that are coming.

Extract from my new book, “Wilderness to Wonders: Embracing the Power of Process”. Due for release Oct 1 2015