Katherine Ruonala

There have recently been many prophecies regarding disaster coming to the US. And my heart is saddened to see many believers talking about the prophecies but doing nothing about them. When the Lord revealed his plans for Sodom and Gomorrah to Abraham, Abraham’s response was to intercede for the cities. He prevailed on the nature of God and cried not only for his own family but for the cities themselves.

I believe these warnings and prophecies should be taken as divine invitations for believers to step into their authority as heirs of Christ and prevail upon Heaven in prayer. There are many more than 10 righteous in the US and for believers to be thinking only about protecting themselves is the wrong response. God has told us to ask for nations!

Prophecy is not necessarily an inevitability and I believe the words and dreams people have been having are God giving us opportunity to pray and see disaster averted and for blessings to be released.

Do we really care about the US? God does and if Potiphars whole household was blessed because of Joseph, is it not right for us to pray and expect the same for the cities and nations in which we live?

My heart cries out, “God bless America!” God loves your nation and my prayer is that the people of America would recognise that they have been born “For such a time as this!”

Katherine Ruonala