It is Not Too Much to Ask!
Katherine Ruonala

I had an unusual experience when I was recently in the US. It seems now that people often fly and drive long distances to come to the meetings and so many are receiving remarkable miracles and healings that the testimonies are spreading and more continue to spontaneously make arrangements to get to the meetings. We are seeing cancer and diabetes healed, the deaf are hearing, eyesight is being restored, people are getting out of wheelchairs and others throw away their crutches. Reports come in for days after the meetings as people go back to their doctors and write to us confirming their healings.

I rejoice in all of this and give God the glory. Yet recently in Atlanta, a family brought their little boy to the meetings. They had driven for hours with their whole family and were asking the Lord to heal their son who was born with a part of his brain missing, leaving him unable to speak. While they loved the meetings and wrote a letter to say how blessed they were, they left with their son still not speaking.

Over the next week, I continued to think about this family and a cry began to go up from my heart… “Lord, it is not too much to ask for everyone who comes to the meetings to be healed.” Everyone who came to Jesus looking for help received, as it says in Matthew 12:15, “…great multitudes followed Him, and He healed them all.” If this is how it was for Jesus and the Scripture tells us that greater works than these shall we do, and that as He is so are we in this world, then it is not too much to ask. It should be the normal standard for all Believers.

It’s Time to Contend for More!
The following week I was in Los Angeles, and during a meeting in which Cindy Jacobs was ministering I found myself contending with God about this. With deep compassion I was crying out to the Lord for all to be healed, standing on this Scripture. After the meeting, my friends and I went to our car and as I was just about to get in, a man walking two large dogs came straight up to me with a big smile on his face and just said to me, “Pick a number between one and twenty-two.”

I smiled, a little bemused and asked him his name. He said, “Michael,” and said, “I have a verse for you.” So I gave him a number and he opened up his Bible and read me Matthew 12:15, “But when Jesus knew it, He withdrew Himself from there: and great multitudes followed Him, and He healed them all.” Then he left and I got into the car quite stunned at what had just happened.

I believe the Lord sent Michael to encourage me that what I was praying was absolutely the Fathers will. It is His heart for Believers all over the world right now to begin to contend for more. The earth is waiting and groaning for Believers to begin walking in the authority God has given them. We are called to manifest Christ, and His dreams are far bigger than ours.

It is time to wake up from our slumber and refuse to settle for less than the inheritance God has for us. The world needs to see Christ and for their sake we need to press past the temptation to stay in our comfort zones and begin contending for more.

Not On Our Watch!
There have recently been many prophecies regarding disaster coming to the US… and my heart is saddened to see many Believers talking about the prophecies but doing nothing about them. When the Lord revealed His plans for Sodom and Gomorrah to Abraham, Abraham’s response was to intercede for the cities. He prevailed on the nature of God and cried not only for his own family but for the cities themselves.

I believe these warnings and prophecies should be taken as divine invitations for Believers to step into their authority as heirs of Christ and prevail upon Heaven in prayer. There are many more than 10 righteous in the US! Believers to be thinking only about protecting themselves is the wrong response. God has told us to ask for nations!

Prophecy is not necessarily an inevitability. I believe the words and dreams people have been having are God giving us an opportunity to “pray and see disaster averted” and for “blessings to be released”. Do we really care about the US? God does, and if Potiphar’s whole household was blessed because of Joseph, is it not right for us to pray and expect the same for the cities and nations in which we live?

My heart cries out, “God bless America!” God loves your nation, and my prayer is that the people of America would recognize that they have been born, “For such a time as this!”