The Shields of the Earth
Katherine Ruonala

This morning I felt the Lord lead me to read Ps 47. It’s a beautiful Psalm ecouraging us to praise the King of the earth with understanding (vs 7). But what struck me the most was a statement in vs 9, that “the shields of the earth belong to God”(MEV). As I meditated on this verse I felt the Holy Spirit lead me to begin declaring and prophesying God’s shield of the earth protecting and covering South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Israel and the UK. In this time where there is the threat of terrorism, wars and rumors of wars and even the talk of nuclear war, God wants to show us how to partner with him in warfare from a place of power and peace. Praise the One who is King of all the earth and declare with joy that the shields of the earth belong to Him! He is greatly exalted and wants to show himself strong on your behalf!