“Positioning Yourself: We’re in a Season of Great Acceleration”

Katherine Ruonala, Brisbane, Australia

We are coming into a season of great acceleration, and so much is happening that we need to be fully aware and fully awake to recognize and partner properly with this glorious season. What is happening now could be likened to the 1970s and the Jesus People Movement. During that season of acceleration and revival when so many were saved, the rain fell on the wheat and the tares, and just as the Church rapidly grew and the Good News spread, many cults and false teachings also were spawned.

So how do we prepare for such a season?
The Word of God is our anchor and with it the Holy Spirit will guide us through this glorious time. We need to read whole books of the Bible all the way through, not just the verses that we know and like. The book of Jude was written when the rapidly growing Christian Church was dealing with a lot of distractions: false teaching, divisive words, complaining, and more.

So Jude says, “But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life” (Jude 1:20-21). These are keys to keep us on the right course.

What Does It Mean to Keep Yourself in the Love of God?
It certainly can’t mean that His love is still undecided about you so you’d better not lose it. His love doesn’t change toward you. It is intense and powerful. Regardless of what you’ve done or how you feel about Him, He still loves you just the same. He loves you completely. He always has, and He always will. There is nothing any of us can do to earn it or to forfeit it. So to keep yourself in His love can’t mean to maintain His love and make sure you don’t lose it.

No, Jude is talking about positioning yourself to receive God’s love—to experience it at a practical level. There’s a war going on for your attention. God wants to see your face—to see your eyes gazing at Him, to lift your countenance, to make you shine, to fill you up with love so you can give His love to the “unlovely” of this world. He wants you to be completely absorbed in Him so you can come into union with Him and walk in the power of the Holy Ghost, loving and forgiving and being a catalyst for signs and wonders. (Photo via flickr)

When you overflow with His love, miracles begin to happen all around you. But the enemy is always trying to distract you and redirect your focus to all kinds of hassles and problems. He wants to fill your mind and heart with disturbing thoughts and feelings. He wants to get your attention and turn your face toward anything or anyone else but God. He wants to see you frown, get discouraged, and approach life with fear, the opposite of faith. Not only will this keep you from experiencing intimacy with God, it will also keep you from doing the works of Heaven.

So to keep yourself in the love of God is to deliberately position yourself where you can keep your focus on God and receive the love He wants to show you. And you really do have to be very deliberate about it because the distractions can be very persistent and intense. Time is the new money, and in this world of email, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile phones, it is easily spent.

Alone Time With Him
I need time alone with God to drink in His love and allow Him to restore my soul more than I need anything else. I need much more than just one focused time alone with Him a day. His love is my life source, and I want to live overflowing with His love. Faith works by love, and God is love, so it is in His love that we are to live and move and have our being.

To do that, we must learn to drink deeply, deliberately, and continuously from the river of His pleasure that flows with love for us. And we need more than just a sip, because God wants us to thrive, not just survive. We have the privilege of being infused with supernatural strength and joy, so drink deeply! (Photo via pixabay)

As Jude’s instruction implies, there’s a link between praying in the Holy Spirit, building ourselves up in faith, and keeping ourselves in the love of God. As we pray in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit enlarges our capacity to receive love and strengthens us so we can supernaturally comprehend it. He prays through us with power, cutting through clouds of confusion that the enemy tries to blind us with.

As we pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit prays through us and for us about things that are not naturally seen, going before us and making our path straight. He knows what we need to pray about and helps us in our weakness with perfect intercession. He unfolds mysteries to us. Revelation is downloaded into our hearts and the gifts are stirred up.

It is time to be praying in the Spirit, fellowshipping with God in his Word and seeking His face. That way we’ll be ready for this next wave of glory!

Katherine Ruonala
Glory City Church
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.katherineruonala.com and www.glorycitychurch.com.au