You Already Have What You Need

A wonderful awakening is going on right now. People are realizing that they really are crucified with Christ and that He is living within them—and that they already have everything in Him. There’s no need to strive for it or to feel the pain of falling short of it. It can’t be earned or achieved. People are waking up and saying, “I’m actually free! That nagging torment that I’m not qualified is gone! My heart doesn’t condemn me anymore!” And they are able to take hold of the promises God has given.

The enemy would love to trap us into thinking we must earn what Jesus has already done. That was the trick in the very beginning. He told Adam and Eve, “You’ll be like God if you eat the fruit of this tree.” But remember what scripture says about the way they were created? They had been made in God’s image. They were already like Him!

God is looking for those who recognize that they need to be utterly dependent on Him. In order to do this, we have to be secure in our identity. We have to believe what He says about us and get a vision of what He has promised us. If we know we are made of the same substance as God Himself, then we can confidently put all our hope in Him and let Him manifest His glory through us.

That doesn’t mean faith doesn’t do good works. Faith does works, but the works don’t come first. They come out of a place of love and identity. We do because we are. We don’t do in order to become. A lot of believers are trying to do the works of the kingdom in order to become somebody significant in the kingdom. That’s backward. It’s an attempt to earn the value He has already given. We don’t have to become anything other than what we already are: people inhabited by God Himself and seated with Christ in heavenly realms. We heal the sick because we are filled with His Spirit. We give because we have a privileged position in heaven. We love because He first loved us. God wants us to do the works of the kingdom because we are already significant in the kingdom.