Felt this on my heart for many:


What could be huge pitfalls for the people of God right now through despair, discouragement and fear through extremely difficult circumstances, the Lord isturning into PLATFORMS.

There is a key. The key is keeping eyes on Him. The Lord is wanting to teach His people to walk through these situations with greater strength and confidence in Him NO MATTER WHAT.

It is time to PUSH! Despite what has been thrown at you by life or the enemy, God wants to use every situation for your good and use it to deepen your intimacy with Him and shape and mould you to become more like Him.

As eyes are kept on Him pitfalls are turning to platforms. Platforms of greater revelation of Him and His Word, greater strength and greater “coming into” identity and authority.

These pitfalls are turning to platforms as you move through this season in the way HE is calling you to. You are being led to a door and the door will take you into the MORE. THE DOOR TO THE “MORE” is BEFORE YOU! Don’t miss out on the platform and the door because you have not moved through this season how He is asking you to. Cling to Him with EVERYTHING you have, keep your eyes on Him no matter how much the wind and the waves SCREAM and you will go through the door into the MORE. (next level of stepping into the fullness that is ALREADY yours in Christ)