Lana Vawser

I saw a Bride and she was standing with her hands lifted high to the Lord and she was praising the Lord. As she lifted her hands in praise to Him, I heard the voice of our beautiful King, and He spoke over and over again “Come deep My beautiful one, Come deeper My beautiful one”. As I watched this take place the atmosphere was so heavy, so heavy in a glorious way with love and delight.

I saw this Bride begin to respond and move into a river of gushing water. This water was alive, as not only could I hear the sound of gushing waters, but as the waters gushed I could hear praises to God being lifted high. “Holy One, Majestic One, Beautiful One”

The Bride was being invited into depths of intimacy she had not been into before that was going to be UNLOCKED through her worship that was going to see the Spirit of God move in her and through her like never before.

I was surrounded by the excitement of the invitation before the Bride of Christ to move into a depth of intimacy with Him that she had not experienced before.

Suddenly, I saw fire fall from heaven, and this fire met this Bride in the midst of this river and the water did not put out the fire, but actually fuelled the fire. In the place of worship, as the Bride went deeper into the depth of the Spirit, the fire of His love was meeting their worship and suddenly the Bride was set on fire.

It was then that I noticed in different areas on the Brides body there were “hooks” and “strings” that were holding her back. Areas where the enemy had found “ground” to stop her from moving forward and deeper.

SUDDENLY, the fire of God fell upon these hooks and He spoke, His voice booming with such love and authority and He said:

“NOTHING SHALL HOLD YOU BACK” instantly these hooks were burnt away and the strings disappeared.

The Bride was lifted up above the water completely consumed in the fire of God, and I knew that she was COMING ALIVE. “Come up here, come up here” she was being lifted into heavenly encounters that were changing everything. Heaven’s perspective was being imparted into her as I saw her eyes begin to be set on fire. I saw eagles flying around her as she was being set on fire and the words filled my heart “SHAPER VISION, SHARPER VISION, SHARPER VISION.” The Lord was aligning and increasing the Brides vision with heaven, encounters that were “setting things straight”. New levels of “heavenly perspective”.

The fire then began to lower her down into the waters again and she began to go deeper and deeper than ever before but the thing I noticed this time, was she was BURNING with the fire of God, completely overtaken by the fire of His love. Yet she was SHINING with the Glory of God BRIGHTER than I have EVER seen before. It was almost BLINDING!!!! She then plunged into the depths of revelation of Him and His Word, and encounters with the Spirit that was not seen before.

The Bride had shifted to a whole new level. The deeper she went, I then saw all around the rivers she was diving deep into were all the nations of the world. The deeper she went, I saw nations being set on FIRE with the love of God and revival fires exploding EVERYWHERE. The NATIONS were being set alight with the LOVE and GLORY of God!!!!

The encounter then ended.

I believe that this encounter is two fold.

It is for for those in the Bride who have been feeling like they have been “held back”. Moving forward a few steps, to only be pulled back more. Not gaining ground. Constantly held back. Press in, in worship!!!! Do not forsake your worship. No matter how you feel. Worship! Worship! Worship! For the fire of God is coming upon you and is going to BURN AWAY the HOOKS and STRINGS that have held you back. He is bringing you to a place where you will NOT be held back anymore. You will not walk as a victim. You will walk as an OVERCOMER in VICTORY. You are being set on fire with His love and moving into areas of freedom, joy and breakthrough that you haven’t experienced before. Deep encounters with His Spirit and Word. The Spirit of God and the Word of God are coming together. Not “one or the other” but TOGETHER!

I also believe this encounter was a prophetic picture of the invitation that is before the Bride of Christ as a whole. Entering into a whole new level of intimacy. A corporate shift in the Bride as she continues to press forward. Not being held back. The Bride being set on fire with His love through deeper encounters than she has walked in before. The Bride of Christ moving into a place of encounters with His Spirit that has not seen before. Going to new depths. Such radical wonderful moves of God amongst her that sudden increase of encounters in the nations will begin to happen on a grand scale releasing revival fires.

As we as the Bride collectively presses in through worship, some of the most glorious encounters with our beautiful God is upon us, and the eyes of the Bride are being aligned with heaven. A corporate move of God aligning vision. Areas that have held the Bride back for DECADES are being broken by the fire of God as the people of God worship.

You are not just going to experience breakthrough in your personal life, but as you worship, you are part of something bigger. Not only what the Spirit of God is doing collectively in the Bride but what He is doing in the nations. Your worship right now is having MORE impact that you realise.

The Bride is truly coming alive!!!!!!! The Bride is coming to a place of overcoming, of leading, of paving the way. Setting the world on fire with the love of God. We aren’t standing on the “verge of breakthrough” we are now moving through the “THRESHOLD” into glorious waters of encounter and fires of revival we have been dreaming about and contending for.

The shift is happening! The Bride is stepping through the threshold into a greater level of breakthrough and overcoming anointing!!! As a SHIFT is happening in the Bride of Christ, a SHIFT will begin to happen in NATIONS. Heavenly ripple effect!!

“….For such a time as this….” has arrived!