Today’s word came out of an encounter I had. It’s quite long, so maybe grab a cuppa. Blessings

Lana Vawser

I saw many trying to “tread water” in VERY big rough seas. Many crying out in extreme distress, an “SOS” to God. I saw the Lord throwing the people of God a lifeline and He was coming to their rescue.”The righteous person faces many troubles, but the LORD comes to the rescue each time.” – Psalm 34:19

I saw many of God’s people snuggling into Papa’s arms, sitting on His lap, and their hearts were in distress from various trials and troubles. I saw Papa God wrap His arms even tighter around His people to bring comfort and encouragement. These ones were sharing with Papa that this has not been the glorious season they imagined in many ways, but has turned to an “SOS” season. A season of crying out in great distress for the breakthrough, deliverance and provision of God.

I saw Papa God look at them one by one with such comfort, such love and encouragement. “My precious child, I never asked you to understand, but always ask you to hold My hand.” There was such comfort, encouragement and love in His voice and His eyes declared extravagant love, delight and approval of His children, and at the same time there was a “line of trust” being drawn in the sand.

I saw Him continue to speak with such tenderness, compassion and love.

“Even though MUCH about this season may be screaming “SOS” – distress cries, receive My peace, all is going to be well.”

I saw Papa God kiss His children on the forehead and a tangible peace began to flood through their mind, body and soul that carried the revelation, that even when we don’t understand, even when things aren’t going the way we expected or happening in the time we want, He has it all in His hand, all is going to be well and He is working it ALL for our good. (Romans 8:28)

I then saw Him began to speak with such boldness and authority, His voice BOOMING with love and such power that I thought the whole earth would tremble.

I saw Him say:


“Even though there is great shaking, there is great breaking and seems like many of My promises are braking, HOLD ONTO My Words. As you nestle into My chest, stay close to Me, rest in Me even when you don’t understand, you will SEE through My eyes of love, your “SOS” distress call, turning to the “SOS” of My heart.”

“You WILL move through this season with greater strength.”

“You WILL experience My supply like never before in this season.”

“You WILL begin to see surprises of My heart manifesting all around you.”

“Do not allow the distress to steal your vision. Do not allow the distress to take over your thoughts and your mind. Snuggle into Me! Let Me comfort you, encourage you and strengthen you. You are moving into some of your greatest moments of seeing My faithfulness displayed.”

“Great opposition and delays have attempted to keep many from moving through the seal.”

I then saw a gold seal over what looked like a thin membrane. As many of the people of God got closer to this ‘membrane’ something would come up, or hit them, or trip them, or distract them and as they looked at these “distractions” their hearts were filled more and more with distress. I then noticed, that Papa God was standing at the membrane’s entrance where the gold seal was placed. An encouragement from Papa God filled my heart to encourage His people to keep their eyes on Him and on the TRUTH that He is a good good Father and gives GOOD GLORIOUS gifts.

I then saw Matthew 7:11 on the seal in the middle of this membrane.

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

As His children moved closer to Him despite the distractions and hearts screaming distress, a place of deep intimacy with Papa God was happening and the hearts cries of His people were being played to Him and they were like music to His ears, hearing the desires of His people and their dreams.

Papa God took their hand and placed it upon the seal and I heard the song playing by Housefires “Good Good Father”. Angelic hosts were singing and declaring what a GOOD FATHER He is. Worship began to erupt from the hearts of His people and as they sung the seal BROKE and they moved through this membrane into a place where the GOOD GIFTS OF PAPA GOD were manifesting everywhere. The “crossover” had taken place into a new area in this season. A season of SUPRISES! The heavenly “SOS”.

Much Much more is about to spring forth out of your encounters with Papa God than you realise. Hold on, for your distress “SOS” has been heard by Papa God and He is coming to your rescue. Align your mind and heart with the heavenly SOS’ He is declaring. Heavenly SOS’ are about to MANIFEST!