Lana Vawser

Psalm 121 – The Passion Translation – –

“Jehovah Himself will watch over you, He’s always at Your side to shelter you safely in His presence. He’s protecting you from all danger both day and night. He will keep you from every form of evil or calamity as He continually watches over you. You will be guarded by God Himself. You will be safe when you leave your home, and safely you will return. He will protect you now, and He’ll protect you forevermore.”

I felt the Lord wanted to encourage many of His people going through distress that even though the storm rages around you, it will NOT touch you as you continue to look to Him as your helper and strong tower.

I saw the enemy plotting and planning against the people of God and he was looking for ways to bring about hindrance, ways to steal, to kill and destroy. As He was plotting against the people of God I saw many of the people of God snuggled into the heart of the Father. The more the storm raged around them, the more they pressed in and were surrounded by His Glory. Papa’s arms were HUGE and so gentle and loving and He embraced them. In the midst of the storm, they were calm and there was peace, security, confidence and assurance in the One who was protecting them.

As the enemy was plotting, I saw him informing his demonic hosts of the “plans” he was about to put into place against many of the people of God. When suddenly behind him I saw the Lord as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He was slowly crawling up behind the enemy, like a lion stalking their prey, then SUDDENLY HE POUNCED!!!!!!!!!!!

When He POUNCED the plans of the enemy were FOILED. Yesterday I released a word concerning Exodus 14:14 “The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” The Lord is about to POUNCE and the enemy will be devoured in your life, and his plans will be FOILED. You will be PROTECTED!!!!

Even as the storm rages AROUND YOU, you will find peace and quiet in the storm in Him.

I saw many of the people of God going into DEEP encounters with Jesus in the night. The Lord is releasing SPECIFIC revelation for your NEXT ASSIGNMENT in the night hours. The enemy was attempting to bring great oppression and chaos over the people of God to steal their peace and to steal their sleep so they won’t move into these encounters. The enemy’s plans are being FOILED as you continue to snuggle into His heart. Press in!

In this season I saw the Lord wooing His people deeper into His Word. He is increasing hunger in the hearts of His people as they press in. He has treasures to release to His people that will bring them to a whole new level of faith.

I saw the Lord releasing revelation in the Word and speaking to His people about “TAKING HIM AT HIS WORD” and believing for what seems IMPOSSIBLE. There is a new level of faith the Lord is calling His people to. To see the conviction of the Word go to a whole new level where impossibilities are stared in the face through the eyes of the Word and these impossibilities BOW!

As the Lord calls you to tackle some impossibility in your life through the eyes of faith, I saw many arising with the word “ABSURD” coming from their mouth. (ABSURD: wildly unreasonable, illogical… Do not listen to those who discourage you from having faith for the impossible and following through on what the Lord has told you to do. Many confirmations will come to you that you are moving in the thoughts of heaven and the mind of Christ. The Lord is calling His people to a deeper level of taking Him at His Word, wholehearted faith to see His promises fulfilled. The Lord will protect you through the journey, the Lord will empower you and strengthen you, and though He may not work as you expect, all things will be well.

I saw creativity exploding in this season, but I specifically saw creative ideas being given to business owners, and those who are working in business areas and are ushering in the Kingdom through various means. Do not be afraid to implement new and creative ideas the Lord gives you, for they will bring breakthrough. The Lord is releasing wisdom and creativity in this season that is setting many business on fire with increase. There will be many salvations, healings and divine turnarounds happening in the business sector as the Lord releases His creative wisdom and ideas. The Lord is bringing revival to the business sector with explosions of His creativity and wisdom.