Lana Vawser

“I cried to Him in my distress, the delivering God, and from His temple-throne He heard my troubled cry. My sobs came right to His heart as He turned His face to rescue me.” – Psalm 18:6
The Passion Translation

Hold onto hope. Be encouraged for the Lord has heard your cries. Your redemption draws nigh.

The Lord is coming in power to deliver those who are faint hearted and in great distress.

Powerful encounters with Him and His glorious love are before you that will turn your heart around. Your heart will turn from anguish and distress to peace and hope despite all that is around you.

He is going to restart your heart is hope and then many waters will begin to part.

He is going to make something beautiful out of the mess and distress you find yourself in.

Stay close to Him, especially when things seem grim. You are on the brink of something greater than you think. You may feel like you are going to sink, but He is coming to you and your redemption draws nigh.

Many need to be encouraged, God does not lie, but is faithful to bring forth that which He promised. Do not let your hardships convince you that He lied. THAT is a lie! The pit always seems to come before the palace.

In your distress and hardship, draw close to Him and know He is strengthening you and your trust in Him and at the right time, He will deliver you and that redemption now draws nigh and you will see His faithfulness AGAIN reach to the sky!