Lana Vawser

I awoke this morning to the tragic and horrific news of the attack that happened in Paris today. I began to press into the heart of the Lord for this beautiful city and pray for His comfort, love and peace to be present.

I then felt the Lord say “My purposes, plans and promises over Paris are going to PREVAIL”.

In the midst of this horrific attack, this absolute tragedy, I felt the heart of the Lord grieving over what had taken place, yet also a deep Father heart of comfort for those who have lost loved ones, those who witnessed this horrific attack, but also a sense of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah ROARING that His purposes, plans and promises over Paris were going to prevail, as His people pray.

I then saw Jesus walking through the streets of Paris, walking before the Eiffel Tower, down the streets alongside the water canals and I saw Him walking up to people placing His hands upon them and releasing His love and comfort upon them.

“I will be present in their pain” and I was overwhelmed with a sense of the heart of the Father that is going to make His PRESENCE known and His heart present in the midst of loss and tragedy many are facing.

I saw the people of God in Paris in their prayer closets crying out to the Lord and He began to lead them deeper into the revelation of the “veil being torn” and their unhindered access to His throne because of Jesus. His people in Paris began to go deeper into the secret place, wrapped in the veil of intimacy experiencing His love at deeper levels and then going out from this place into their day to day journeys and the seed of fear that has been placed in the heart of the city through this horrific attack was being shifted, uprooted and melted away by the presence of love, His presence going with them, His heart of love reaching out through them and bringing a soothing, a healing, a comfort.

What the enemy meant for harm (Genesis 50:20), to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10), the Lord is turning and bringing Paris into a place of deeper encounter with the love of a GOOD heavenly Father that did not orchestrate or ordain this vicious attack and is weeping with a city in mourning, comforting the people, yet about to release a tidal wave of His love through the city of Paris like never before. A purity is going to be released across the city of Paris as the people of God pray, and step up and out in following the prompting of the Spirit and how He wants to minister to people amidst this tragedy. Specific downloads and strategies are going to be released to the people of God in Paris as they pray, in their secret place, as to how to reach out from the heart of God into the city and help rebuild and restore.

I saw the heart of the Father being released over Paris, and it covered the whole city like blanket and I heard.. “My purposes, plans and promises over Paris will prevail. The city of love has been attacked, but the city of love shall truly overcome as the revelation of My love spreads far and wide. Paris is known as the city of love in the natural, but it will also be known as the city of love in the spirit as the tangible manifestations of My love are about to be seen in unprecedented ways across this city. My voice of LOVE is about to get LOUD in this city.”