I felt the Lord encouraging His people to specifically have their hearts fixed on Him for fresh impartations.

I saw HUGE heavenly downloads, big presents labelled IMPARTATIONS falling from the heart of Papa to His people.

I felt the heart of Papa God so excited.. “Ask Me what impartation I am releasing to you that is going to bring such radical change.” I could feel Him beaming with excitement and joy in this releasing.

As these impartations were received, some were expected and others fell suddenly when they least expected it.

These impartations are flowing from the heart of God and the throne room and bringing miraculous change. Even the most unlikely and things/people that have been spoken against will suddenly see the miraculous hand of God bringing a total change and shift that only He could bring.

Impartations of heavenly reality and manifestation are coming upon the people of God now that is moving them from what has felt like DECREASE to RAPID INCREASE! These impartations are also seeing the Lord release His “victory card”. A sudden cutting away, breaking an annihilating of the enemy’s assignment and chains that have held some down.

Impartations from His heart are bringing miraculous change!