I had an interesting vision today in worship, where I saw the Lord dressed as a mighty warrior and I saw Him marching and behind Him were hosts upon hosts of angels. I then released that He was walking into the enemy’s camp in the lives of believers and as I looked around, I could see things that belonged to the people of God that the enemy had stolen.

I saw the Lord walk up to the enemy and He grabbed him by the throat. The thing is, as the He grabbed the throat of the enemy, the enemy turned into what looked like a cartoon character. The Lord squeezed him and shook him and I saw the eyes of the enemy begin to bulge and bulge as the Lord began to shake him. The Lord is suffocating the enemy in your life in His defense of you. As I watched the expressions on the face of the enemy I began to laugh as it was so apparent the who was the ALMIGHTY ONE, the One who holds ALL POWER and the one who has NO POWER! Again, I was reminded that the only power that the enemy has is the power that we give him as the people of God in our agreement, alignment or declaration.

As the Lord began to shake the enemy violently I saw all these things that the enemy had stolen, things that were in his possession that he had stolen from the people of God and they began to fall out of his hands and pockets. Things he had stolen and hidden were all falling out. He was losing his grip and there was nothing he could do about it. He was being reminded again by the Lord of his fate as the DEFEATED ONE.

I saw the angelic hosts begin to move through the enemy’s camp and they were taking back everything that he had stolen. They were filling what looked like wheelbarrows full to the brim with possessions that belonged to God’s people.

Where the enemy had attempted to bring SETBACK the Lord was establishing the great TAKE BACK which was going to turn to a great COME BACK for the people of God.

I then saw the angelic hosts wheeling in gold wheelbarrows and they all lined up alongside the Lord on His left and His right. He lifted His hand and eyeballed the enemy, and He spoke: RETURN SEVENFOLD!!!!! (Proverbs 6:31b) Suddenly I heard the LOUDEST thunderstorm. It was like a battle was being waged in the spirit.. a fighting against a REPAYMENT to the people of God. Again, the Lord spoke with such authority “I SAID RETURN SEVENFOLD”. Instantly, it began to rain, it poured so heavily, torrential rain. As it rained, it was raining a SEVENFOLD INCREASE and MULTIPLICATION into the lives of God’s people in EVERY area the enemy had stolen, killed and destroyed. The golden wheelbarrows were being filled to overflowing with the sevenfold COMPLETE multiplication and increase. I wondered why the wheelbarrows were golden and suddenly the sense surrounded me that the sevenfold multiplication and increase was coming with great favour and anointing! THE BEST!!!

The Lord released the enemy and threw him to the ground and began to walk out of the enemy’s camp. He then turned around and He BLEW fiercely upon the enemy’s camp and confusion was sent upon them. The enemy was being stopped in his tracks with any rising up in retaliation against the people of God in this restoration and increase.

The Lord is rising as your strong defender! Just watch and see how He is going to show Himself strong on your behalf. Watch the sevenfold return that is entering and going to enter into your life.

The stage has been set.

Where the enemy brought SETBACK.

The Lord is establishing the great TAKE BACK.

Which is turning to a great COME BACK for you as you arise in more than you had before, stronger than you were before, and walking in a greater revelation of your authority in Him to overturn the works of the enemy.