Lana Vawser

I recognise this is a long word, but I encourage you to take some time to read this word. I have been sitting on this prophetic word for quite a while now. I felt the heart of this word is not condemnation, for God’s heart is never to condemn, but this is an invitation to embrace the fire that He is increasing upon the prophets and the prophetic movement right now. His heart is to bring us up higher and to a place of stewarding His heart with great care, purity and integrity in this new season. We have and have had some amazing examples in the body of Christ of this very thing. I am so thankful for the prophets who have gone before me and have prepared the way and continue to do so and set such a beautiful example for me of how to steward His heart with wisdom, purity and integrity. I am releasing this prophetic word below as I heard it, and my prayer is that as prophets of God we will embrace the fire that the Lord is increasing to continue to bring us to a place of greater pure articulation of His heart and Word.

“My prophets, I love you, My heart burns with ferocious love for you. This is a time of purification. This is a time to come up higher. This is a time of positioning. Out of My love for you, I am calling you, I am challenging you, I am inviting you deeper and higher than you have ever been. I do not condemn you, I embrace you. This call being released from My heart is bringing a deep cleansing to you and the prophetic movement. This word from My heart as you embrace My fire, will bring you deeper into My heart and knowing My secrets like you have ever seen. The privilege and awakening of hearing the whispers that stir within My heart. Oh how I love you My prophets and am longing and yearning for you to embrace the fire I am releasing upon you.

“I am cleansing the prophetic movement. I am cleansing where there has been mixture. I am cleansing where there has been impurity in prophetic words released. I am cleansing where there has been a mixture of striving, flesh and competition contaminating My flow. I am guarding My flock and I am guarding My Bride, and the enemy is attempting in various ways in this season to hinder the prophets, to lure the prophets into temptations, compromises, fleshly feasts and competition, jealousy and striving in order to hinder what I want to release.

Prophets think it not strange the increase of My fire coming upon you, firing your heart. Do not fight it, embrace it, for it is positioning you for greater promotion and favour to release My Word with greater purity of prophetic flow, void of contamination and mixture.

Prophets who continue to tickle ears with words not flowing from My heart will be brought low in this season. Those prophets who steward My heart and what I speak, allowing My fire of conviction, purification and all consuming fire to purge their hearts and their lips, will be exalted into high places to proclaim the pure word of My heart. My fire as it is embraced is birthing a fire of resolve and conviction within them to come deeper into the place of stewardship of My Word.

In My fire that I am releasing upon the prophetic movement, those that embrace the fire will move to a whole new level of divine strategy, revelation, insight, wisdom and weightiness in the words that I entrust them with to release and equip My Church with and the nations of the world. A complacency has entered many hearts regarding the words of My heart. There has been a loss of value of the weightiness of My Word that I am releasing to the prophets in this season as the enemy attempts to cause them to fall into these areas of striving and competition. I am shifting gears in the prophetic movement. I am changing the guards.

There is a whole new realm of revelation and supernatural insight opening up to the prophets and they are leading My people into this new level of revelation, strategy and insight of the words of My heart, but the fire must fall upon the prophets before it can be released into the Church. This is a groundbreaking season. This is a season where I am doing something completely new, My Spirit is going to be poured out in ways that no eye has ever seen, nor has ear ever heard, and in preparation for what I am pouring out, room must be made for the new. In My fire that has been released upon the prophets and the prophetic movement, I am RESTORING the revelation and manifestation of living in awe of Me upon the prophets and the Church. Like Isaiah when he had an encounter with Me in My Glory, and he was face down before Me as He saw Me in reverence and awe, I am bringing My prophets into greater encounters like Isaiah, to restore the awe and reverence in places where it has been lost.

Embrace the fire My prophets, embrace the fire I am releasing. For what I am releasing cannot be contained by hearts that are attempting to manufacture words, manufacture opportunities, manufacture positioning, manufacture increasing. What I am releasing can be contained by those who linger in My presence. Those who are laid down, who are living with a LOUD YES before Me and have a heart cry to release only that which I am speaking. That live as DIVINE ECHO’S of My heart. Those that only speak that which I speak. Those that will speak when no one else is speaking. Those that will speak My message when it may not tickle ears, but challenge, convict and call higher. Those that are sold out to carrying My heart and the secrets of My heart with purity, integrity and humility.

I am looking for those prophets who will do whatever it takes, pay whatever it costs, to carry My heart not for the praises of men, but for the praise of My heart.

My prophets, I love you! I am calling you higher! I am calling you higher! I am a ferocious lover! I am a passionate pursuer! I am the shepherd of My flock, and what I am releasing to My people and into the nations will not be contained by agenda, it will not be contained by competition, it will not be contained by compromise. It will not be contained by striving or envy. It will be contained by the laid down lovers, who have one heart motive and that’s to know Me, hear My heart and release it with purity and integrity. I am not looking for perfection, or ability, I am looking for the laid down lover prophets, who are saying “YES, I am ALL IN, I am sold out to You and Your Word, and I will not operate and be contained and led by the praises of men, or compromised by the displeasure of men, but led by Your heart and Your praise of me.”

Prophets of My heart, embrace My fire and receive a greater revelation of My heart. You must embrace this fire in order to carry the weightier words of My heart. Are you willing? Are you willing to lay down your agendas? Lay down your competition, lay down your ‘boxes’ and offences, allow Me to come in with My furious all consuming love and heal you, strengthen you, and burn away anything that would contaminate? The guards are changing. The new positioning is taking place, but in order to receive the new, you must allow Me to make room. As you embrace My fire, and move through by My Spirit, you will see Me position you in ways you never expected. Positions of favour and increase like you never imagined. Standing before kings and those of great influence to release the Rhema word of My heart. That anything that would come to lure you to compromise My Word would not even be a temptation as you stand burning in conviction and awe of who I am and the privilege that it is to steward and carry My heart. You will carry My fire in a way you have never carried it before and into areas and places you never imagined watching as signs, wonders and miracles manifest all around. I am taking you to a new level of being marked by fire and releasing My fire. In order to release My fire, you must embrace it and allow it to consume you.

The fire upon you My prophets and the prophetic movement is FOR YOUR GOOD. I want My prophets to represent My heart well and many who have gone before you have done that, but I see the lures, I see the contamination creeping into many hearts and lives of the prophets in this season, and as a loving Father, I will embrace, challenge, convict, discipline and call you higher, so you may walk in all that I have called you to.

A new level of the manifestation of awe of Me, holiness, purity, humility and fire is about to explode upon prophets and the prophetic realm in significant ways.

But you must be ready!

Are you willing to embrace My fire to carry My heart no matter the cost?

The invitation is upon you My prophets, and the greatest reward is upon you. Knowing Me and My heart in a way you have never known before.

The choice is yours!

In the embracing you will find a greater awakening to My love. How I love you!! You will burn with the fire of My love and the all consuming nature of My fire within you.