There is a shift happening in the Spirit right now as the people of God do not move from their decree of the Word of God and His rhema word over their life.

I felt the Lord reminding me again today on the importance of declarations. Atmospheres that have been heavy, full of discouragement, despair will be shifted suddenly in the lives of His people as they take Him as His Word.

There is power in your declaration!! I saw doorways being revealed and opened to the people of God through your decree. No matter how you feel or what you see, pick up your Swords and DECLARE the WORD OF THE LORD. For a new realm is opening up before you.

Don’t let your circumstances steal your declaration, for there is a shift taking place right now, more than you can see. A supernatural pathway is being created before you as you decree and agree.

The Lord is training His people right now at a deeper level, the importance of and greater revelation of decree. The Lord is teaching His people His secrets contained in decrees, to bring His people to a deeper revelation of their authority and they will move into a new level of decree over nations.

I saw the Lord challenging His people how important they think their “decree” is and one way to bring an atmospheric shift in a nation has been given in the Spirit led DECREE.

Embrace your training on decree for your own personal life and watch pathways of the miraculous open up in your wilderness. For as the revelation of decree is birthed in your heart and life, the Lord release revelation of decrees to shift atmospheres of nations as the people of God ASK HIM!!!!!

ASK! ASK! ASK! Don’t stop ASKING! For not only will you see huge atmospheric shifts and doors fling wide open in your life in this season as you do not give up on your decree, you will partner with Him to see SHIFTS in nations despite how dark they may look.

There is a key for shifting and breakthrough in your Spirit-led DECREE!