The Tides are turning in your Favour
Lana Vawser

The tides are going to turn in your favour. No longer will you see the locust eat and destroy from your life. No longer shall you live as the “tail” and “beneath”.

Stay close to His heart for He is about to impart a heavenly deposit into your heart and life that will open your eyes to see new levels of your identity.
This deposit shall transform your heart ushering in hope, peace and joy. Your life will be a greater testimony to His Glory as change invades.

Things will not stay the same. The tides will turn in your favour and the RADICAL KINDNESS of God will explode by His Spirit through your life in a new way.
Your life will shout in a whole new way, the extravagant love of God and Cross made a way to live in this glorious relationship with Him and be adorned in heaven’s glorious array. Be ready for more opportunities are coming to share the glorious Gospel of Christ with those around you and hearts open to Him. HIS love and KINDNESS displayed through your life especially in this increase will be the KEY that will compel those who don’t know Him yet to seek out more about this radical loving God. God is lavishing increase upon you because of His extravagant love for you and to draw many to Himself through your life.

You are taking steps further into the revelation and out working of your rightful place as His loved, adored, favoured and cherished child.

Be careful with what you speak, for your words create. Speak His promises, declare His truth and watch them create a path before you in the wilderness.

You will see the tides turn in your favour. Align with Him, nestle into His heart and be ready to receive a beautiful release from His heart that He is wanting to impart.