Lana Vawser

This morning I was alerted that fire was thrown on Joseph’s tomb in Israel but was not damaged. Instantly I felt the Lord speak to me.

That many who are carrying a Joseph anointing have been hit hard with tremendous fires of opposition but you have LOST NOTHING in the fire. It may have felt like you were in the hottest time of opposition that you have ever been in but as you have pressed into Him, you have not been damaged. You have been preserved by Him in the fire!

Suddenly I saw the Lord turn the fires of opposition over these Joseph’s into the fire of awakening. The Lord’s fire being released empowering the Joseph’s to be released with greater impartations and favour into new realms of influence and places of authority.

I saw Joseph’s arising all across the nations carrying the fire of God, and the fires of revival being released through His love into places of great influence, being released as they minister to those of influence and into governmental arenas.

There is a tremendous shift happening over the Joseph’s. The fire of God bringing a great release into significant increase. Where people have tried to “throw the Joseph’s into the pit and silence them” the Lord is suddenly turning this all around and giving them greater platforms to speak and minister.

A shift is happening over the Joseph’s moving them further forward into Genesis 39:2

“The Lord was with Joseph so that He prospered in everything as he served.”

New beginnings are before the Joseph’s. Where you have stewarded and served well what the Lord has given you and remained faithful, explosions of favour of what you set your hands to is going to manifest on a whole new level. New realms of excellence. New levels of leadership and responsibility are opening up.

It is a promotion and shifting time for the Joseph’s. As the anointing over the Joseph’s is released it is going to manifest a deep level of unity, reconciliation, forgiveness and restoration across the body of Christ and into the world.

Get ready for new doors to open to see the fire of God released through you powerfully that will usher others into encounters with His love, bring freedom, set hearts alight with hunger and passion for Him and see revival fires manifest.