Lana Vawser

I saw angels with trumpets heralding a shift in the people of God being awakened to see and hear at a exponential level, what He is doing.

These angels are being released to bring greater alignment to the “senses” of God. Senses heightened to hear and see more of what the Spirit of God is doing and partner more with Him.

I saw angels placing coals upon tongues. Mouths were then being opened to declare specific fresh revelation from heaven, revelatory keys to be declared that are now coming forth. These declarations are tipping the scales of heaven to bring forth breakthrough and for some immediate breakthrough in many circumstances.

Angels of alignment are being released to heighten the senses of His people. Be positioned and watchful to see and understand a deeper level of the language of the Spirit.

There is great angelic activity happening now to assist you in all you do. Huge levels of grace released to do accomplish greater exploits for Him in shorter periods of time and assist the people of God as they walk into greater breakthrough.