Lana Vawser


The Lord has been speaking to me recently for those who have been through intense fires of adversity over the last season.

The Lord showed me that many faced fires that almost “took them out”. Many faced intense fires of adversity where the enemy came ferociously to steal, kill and destroy and many were left in that place of wondering whether they were ever going to make it out alive. The fire was so intense, and the Lord showed me that these fires of adversity were some of the most intense battles of their life. For many they were fires that catapulted them into dark nights of the soul, others into a level of warfare they had never experienced, others feeling like it was this demonic assignment of assault in every direction and breakthrough seemed further than ever. Many faced the battle of their lives to keep their hope in the Lord to bring deliverance.

Many have moved into the deliverance of the Lord out of these seasons, and others are now being delivered from these fires of adversity. The Lord is moving powerfully to deliver and vindicate His people.

I heard the Lord say:

“It is a new season of favour! My favour is falling on what I forged in the fires of adversity.”

When I heard the Lord say this, it was like the heralding of a season shift – a season of radical, unprecedented favour upon those who have been in this place of adversity. The Lord showed me that in the fires of adversity the hearts of His people were turned like compasses to the true north of Jesus more than ever before. It solidified and concreted their life in Christ, their dependence upon Him and the reality that man does not live by bread alone but by every Word that flows from the mouth of God. (Matthew 4:4)

The Lord showed me SO many different things that He forged in the fires of adversity that His people have even yet to see. The Lord did a deeper work within the hearts of His people as they looked to Him for help (Psalm 121) and deliverance. As they held onto Him and His faithfulness when the enemy was trying to kill them and break them and hold them from their destiny.


The Lord showed me that there were MAJOR deposits of heaven that took place in the fires of adversity within the hearts and lives of His people that many have not even begun to see in its fullness yet. I saw there was such a deep deposit that took place in these fires of adversity by the hand of the Lord, in the midst of the place of the enemy’s plans to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10), they found the fourth man in the fire. They found Him in a way they have never found Him before – our beautiful Jesus. In that place, He made deep deposits that some have already been birthed and others are being birthed now. This birthing HAS taken place for many in books, music and new creative expressions and the birthing is going to continue for many in different avenues in this season. What the Lord has deposited and forged in the fire is going to FLOW OUT in NEW DIRECTIONS and EXPRESSIONS and it is all carrying NEW WINE! Beautiful, new, fresh, costly, weighty wine that is going to see the hand of the Lord release that will make room for NEW OPPORTUNITIES.

I heard the Lord say:

“Many are about to see that the fires of adversity tried to kill them, and it was a level of suffering and trauma in the assault of the enemy coming against them, but the FAVOUR that I am now opening up and this new season of FAVOUR that I am leading them into is going to FAR OUTWEIGH the trauma they endured.”


The Lord showed me that He was SO MOVED by the FAITHFULNESS of many hearts towards Him in the fire. When the enemy came so strongly, when everything was going crazy, and so much was shaken, lost or broken, their hearts remained FAITHFUL to Jesus. Their hands still lifted in praise to Jesus for who He is. In the intense fire and intense darkness, they still stood on His Word, they still held on, they still whispered His name in the night hours when terror surrounded, His heart was moved.

The season has now changed and the favour that is opening u and about to open up has not even been conceived by His people. (1 Corinthians 2:9) The enemy tried to kill them, strip them and stop them, now the winds of favour and increase of the Lord are blowing upon them to bring radical increase, opportunity and favour. There are significant season shift to a season of great REWARD from the Lord upon many.


I saw a tremendous ease and joy in the favour the Lord is releasing being released to His people. Where many have felt they have been in such a deep place of warfare and these fires of adversity for so long, there is a new level of EASE AND JOY being released to them in the FAVOUR of the Lord.

There is going to be more than double portions!!!! There is going to be such significant acceleration and suddenlies, such REFRESHING JOY is being released to many through the radical outpouring of His favour.

The radical demonstration of His favour is going to see the resurrection power come back to areas of the heart of many that were bruised, shaken and tormented by the fires of adversity. Life is coming back to those parts of the heart. The dryness is being washed out by the outpouring of His Spirit and joy! Resurrection life is coming back to the dry bones of dreams that died in the fires of adversity. They are now coming back to life within hearts. The favour the Lord is releasing and what He is setting up and positioning is going to raise the faith of many, the expectation of His people, the joy and excitement to believe that this is just the beginning of the wonderful plans and restoration He is releasing into their lives.

The enemy thought he won…. he didn’t! The favour of the Lord being poured out now is going to remind him over and over and over again that he should not have messed with you and remind him of his position… DEFEATED!!!!!!!! Where he assaulted you, now there will be RAPID INCREASE!!!!!