Lana Vawser

As I was waking up to 2016 this morning, I heard the words in my spirit “Pioneers, new lands, areas and horizons await you.”

I then saw the Lord bringing wrapped gifts before many Pioneers. There was a rewarding that the Lord was releasing to the Pioneers as they had continued to seek Him, and continued to steward and ‘work the ground’ of what He had called them to do.

“He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” (Hebrews 11:6) The Lord has seen the journey that many of the Pioneers have walked through in 2015,t he level of opposition, hardship, weariness and trials of 2015 amongst the amazing provisions, breakthrough’s and promotions. The Lord has seen how many Pioneers have continued to diligently seek Him when everything around them was going in an opposite direction or whirlwind opposition.

Pioneers, through 2015, amongst all the challenges, stretching and trial, the Lord has birthed a greater heart in you to know Him, and to see heaven come to earth. His Kingdom established. There has been a “strengthening” of foundation. Fire has burnt away much and brought a purification. Many of you have felt like they were ‘stripped back’, but the Lord was pruning foundations of many works that were being established so that it will be strong and secure. Do not believe the lie that the pruning is because you have done something wrong. The pruning is part of the process, it’s the step before promotion.

2016, will MUCH promotion for many Pioneers who have partnered with the Lord and not fought the pruning. Have embraced the process, have walked in the fire, held His hand through the shaking and fire, and allowed Him to cut away and rearrange all He needed to.

2016 will see the Lord add to, build and increase that which the Pioneers put their hands to, directed by the Lord and have allowed fire to come upon their foundations and prepare the ground for the building.

Going back to the vision of the Father placing wrapped gifts before many Pioneers. I saw many of the Pioneers begin to open these gifts, these were rewards and symbols of increase, promotion, surprises and new directions.

For some, as they unwrapped their gifts, I saw “SIGN POSTS” and “RAILROAD SWITCHES”. I felt the Lord is going to unveil some new directions, and changes of directions in what the Lord has called these Pioneers to Pioneer. For many, you may not understand the ‘change of direction’ but these change of directions are leading the Pioneers to more prosperous ground breaking lands than they have known before.

These SIGN POSTS and RAILROAD SWITCHES even though the road before them looked ‘different’ and like nothing they had expected or envisaged, it was leading them to what looked like a higher realm of outpouring, revelation and increase. I saw what looked like a portal and it was at the destination of this ‘change of direction’ WITHIN what they were pioneering, and I saw heavenly rain falling. It was such heavy, thick, glorious gold rain. It was bringing increase, a sudden building, an acceleration, a breakthrough, provision, and ‘coming to life’ of the vision and turning the ground ‘fertile’ than they had ever seen. The glorious thing about it, was because of the ‘change of direction’ and ‘unexpected leading of the Spirit’ within what they were Pioneering, when the rain began to fell, the rain was singing and testifying to the favour and hand of God bringing radical long awaited breakthrough.

Pioneers began to dance and sing with great joy, tears streaming down their faces, the words flowing from their mouths “2016, the year we have been waiting for”.

The second type of gift I saw being unwrapped by the Pioneers were “tent pegs”. There were SO many tent pegs. Instantly 1 Chronicles 4:10 was all around me.

“Now Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my border, and that Your hand might be with me, and that You would keep me from harm that it may not pain me!” And God granted him what he requested.” (1 Chronicles 4:10)

The Lord is extending tent pegs and enlarging borders. The Lord has heard all the prayers, all the cries in the faithful stewardship, for Him to extend, increase and add to, not for the glory of the Pioneers, but for greater impact of His Spirit across the earth.

“For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea.” (Habukkuk 2:14)

Pioneers, are going to take new lands in 2016. Pioneers are going to be put in charge over much as they have continued to diligently seek and worship Him in Spirit and in truth. In the purity of heart and faithful stewardship, the Lord has prepared many Pioneers to take new lands in 2016, with networks, church plants, extensions of what they have Pioneered by direction of the Lord, and it spreading like wildfire across the earth.

In 2016, the Lord is going to do in an accelerated and bigger way through the Pioneers what only the Lord Almighty could do. In 2016, the Lord is going to provide what only Jehovah Jireh could provide. In 2016, the Lord is going to build on the foundations, what only Jehovah Nissi could build.

Pioneers, as I awoke this morning, my heart was full of anticipation, excitement at the promotion, increase and breakthrough that will be released in 2016. That 2016 is going to be a year that MANY Pioneers have been waiting for.

The vision the Lord has given you, what you are Pioneering in faithful stewardship, humility and purity, being led by His Spirit is going to see that vision expanded, increased and released further and wider than you could imagine. Pioneers, you are about to see a BIGGER picture than your BIGGEST picture, but that vision is going to extend into greater manifested reality.