Lana Vawser

It’s June!! Many have been prophesying about the significance of the month of June, and the Lord spoke to me many months ago as I have shared about June seeing the beginning of significant increase in the winds of acceleration. What the Lord is going to establish in June is going to release significant shifts into the rest of the year.

Today, June 1st, I kept hearing the words “June, the beginning of the greater ‘zoom’. June, it is time to zoom” As I sat with the Lord on these words I heard the Lord say “June being the month of the ZOOM it is the season for LOVE to BLOOM.”

The word “ZOOM” carried such deep weight on it, and the sense surrounded me, it was not an invitation to RUN AHEAD and get out of step with the Lord and do things fast. But the “ZOOM” in this season was being birthed out of the place of “BLOOM”. Blooming as our roots go DEEP into HIs love and we are FOUNDED SECURELY on love, HIs love. That is what is going to birth greater winds of acceleration in your life and keep you secure as things shift and change and open up quickly.

“May Christ through your faith [actually] dwell (settle down, abide, make His permanent home) in your hearts! May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love,” (Ephesians 3:17)


Today as we crossed over into June 1st, I felt the Lord speak “The giant of intimidation has arisen but remember the theme of the season is acceleration NOT intimidation.”

I then had a vision where I saw many of God’s people leaping over the threshold into June 1st and as they did, I saw giants standing just on the otherside of the threshold where they landed. These giants were HUGE and they looked bigger and stronger than other giants many had faced. I saw many people begin to turn around with such shock and bewilderment and look at Jesus and say “What are these? What about the acceleration?” Instantly, I heard the sound of LOUD winds blowing fiercely. I looked right behind these giants and I could see the winds of acceleration blowing strongly. The winds were so inviting, so full of life, so full of joy, so full of the sense of NEW THINGS, such a sense of peace and relief.

I heard the Lord speak:

“The giants standing at the gateway of this new day in June are giants of intimidation. They are coming screaming and shouting with FEAR, DREAD and seeking to STEAL PEACE and add INTENSITY of foreboding to what is just ahead. What is on the otherside of these giants is PEACE AND RELIEF!!!! A slipstream of grace, acceleration and revelation. These giants are attempting to stop you from moving into greater levels of peace, rest, relief and revelation in this season. A rest from the intense battles previously. In June and beyond there is going to be even more JOY in the acceleration, so the enemy is attempting to intimidate you with lies, to steal the joy and bring FEAR. The enemy is using fear and intimidation because in this new realm LOVE is going to BLOOM. As you get your roots deep INTENTIONALLY into Me, I am going to reveal My love to you like you have not known before. You are going to be so secure and founded securely on My love, with a strength you have not experienced before My people. This is WHY the enemy is attempting to knock you down and make you TREMBLE. The enemy is doing OPPOSITE of what I am doing. You are moving forward into the acceleration of heaven in new ways and as you let your roots go deep in Me, you are going to be SECURE and SAFE in My love in a whole new way. It’s time to LIVE in the BLOOM. In the place of BLOOMING in crying out for deeper revelation of My love will you ZOOM and My love keep you secure and carry you through.”

I then asked the Lord “How do we see these giants slayed?” Instantly I saw the people of God standing before these giants and they all became like little children. They were standing looking at the giants of intimidation and they were holding the hand of Papa God. I then saw Papa God look at His children and He spoke “Open your mouth and sing the greatest truth!!!”

God’s children then began to sing “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so!!!”

Papa God then joined in and He sung back to them:

“Papa loves you this you know, now giants of intimidation YOU MUST GO!!!”

Suddenly, it was like the light was switched on. Revelation surrounded me. The KEY is the DEEPER revelation of the love of Christ, and the love of our GOOD GOOD Father!!!!!

Instantly the atmosphere all around me was surrounded with the love of God SO deeply! The children of God began to step forward towards the giants as they screamed with their intimidation. The resolve and conviction in the eyes of God’s children was one of SECURITY in His love. The giants began to crumble all around and the children of God moved through with safe passageway into the winds of acceleration that opened up more than they could have EVER dreamed.

Do not be discouraged by the giants of intimidation and fear that are screaming as you step into June. They are screaming LOUDLY with their FALSE reports. Be intentional in getting your roots deep into Christ. Cry out for deeper revelation of the love of God and sing the simple truth and watch the giants fall. On the other side of these giants of intimidation are the winds of acceleration and rest and relief.

Remember, the theme of this season is ACCELERATION NOT INTIMIDATION!