Lana Vawser

“The angels stooped down to listen as I prayed, encircling me, empowering me, and show me how to escape. They will do this for everyone who fears God” – Psalm 34:7 – The Passion Translation

I have had this verse on my heart for a few weeks and felt an encouragement for the people of God, and especially those who have been feeling desperate and defeated. Those who are looking for a pathway of escape and freedom from the pressure and difficulty they find themselves surrounded by.

I sensed the Lord saying that there are angels that are stooping down and they are listening to the prayers of God’s people. Awareness to angelic activity is on the increase as the angelic hosts of the Lord are encircling, empowering and leading the people of God into their pathway of escape and freedom and clear entrance into the realm of BREAKTHROUGH. Expect greater awareness to angelic activity in your gatherings, church services and in your homes.

As the people of God worship Him, are in reverent awe and living in the fear of God, eyes are being open to see these ministering spirits of God being released to assist them.

I felt the encouragement of God from Daniel 9:23 “As soon as you began to pray, a word went out, which I have come to tell you because you are highly esteemed.”

As the people of God are praying in the Spirit, a word went out and angelic hosts were sent to bring assistance to the people of God revealing KINGDOM KEYS that are going to bring breakthrough and reveal pathways of escape.

Your prayers are being heard. God has heard. God LOVES YOU and He is working for YOUR GOOD and YOUR BEST. He has not left you. He has not forgotten. He has not abandoned you. He cares. He is with you and delights in you. He adores you. I feel many of you need to hear that God CARES for your hearts, for your hearts cries, for your hearts desires and He is bringing you to a place of deeper devotion and beautiful fear of God that will see the eyes of your heart opened to BEHOLD HIM!

I saw these angelic hosts and they were stooping down to assist the people of God, but not only were they revealing the paths of “escape” and “breakthrough” but they were handing the people of God scrolls that contained blueprints of heaven and across the top of the scroll it said “FRESH HEAVENLY MANNA VISION” and written across these scrolls were visions from heaven, blueprints for the people of God to see heaven invade earth.

I then saw Jesus and He spoke and said “Lana, as these blueprints are taken, and put into action, they are creating pathways for heaven to invade earth”.

I then heard the song playing “Fling wide you heavenly gates, prepare the way of the RISEN LORD”.

As these blueprints are taken and put into action they will create pathways for some of the greatest encounters with the Lord we have ever had in the body of Christ. He is coming in His Glory, Glory encounters and BEHOLDING HIM! Oh how we are going to see His beauty and splendour. He is not going to turn away hungry hearts, He is coming to reveal His beauty and glorious nature to His people in new and fresh ways.

As I saw the King of Glory coming and the people of God in deep encounters with Him and His Glory, the people of God were SET ON FIRE and revival was pouring out from the hearts of the people of God and these pathways into homes, cities and nations.

I then saw the verse before my eyes, Habakkuk 2:2

Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.”

There is so much revelation being poured out right now, the Lord is inviting His people into a place of DEEP revelation of His Word and who He is and OUT of that place visions are being birthed. Angelic hosts are bringing the blueprints of heaven and I sensed the Lord wants His people to keep writing down the blueprints, write down the visions He gives you, write down the revelations and have it ready for the moment He says “RUN WITH IT”.

I also felt specifically for those who have been feeling the prompting of the Holy Spirit to write books, begin to write, start writing and the revelation will flow. You have angelic assistance around you as you press into the heart of the Father. There is a waterfall of revelation being poured out right now for books displaying the GOODNESS OF GOD and tools to equip the people of God in their walks with God.

Some of the greatest birthings are happening right now. The hearts of the people of God are going to explode in new ways as they are set on FIRE by SEEING HIM in new and fresh ways. You are standing where you have never been, and it is EXCITING.

Angelic hosts have stooped down, and are encircling you and ministering to you, to lead you into escape and freedom and equip you with some of the most precious blueprints of heaven you have ever received, when once put into action will see the favour and excellence of the Lord dripping from it. It will SHOUT His goodness and love to ALL.