Lana Vawser

This year I have seen the people of God pregnant with the promises of God and coming into the time of birthing those promises.

This morning I had a vision and I saw the people of God and they were birthing but as they were birthing, I saw the Glory of God radiating in them, through them, around them, over them.

They moved from a crouching position with a sense of “travail” and “stretching” to standing tall in a position of boldness, full of courage, fearless and shining with His Glory that was so blinding.

I then sensed the Lord saying “The sons and daughters of Glory are arising. My shining army are arising.”

Many things have come against the body of Christ in this season. Circumstances that have caused a pressing and stretching, opposition that has been more intense than many of us have ever faced before, opportunities that are opening up way bigger than we imagined or dreamed. New levels of trust in Him that at times are painful as a “breaking away” happens, and a new level of surrender is entered. Through all of these things, I saw the people of God in a place where the Lord is birthing the BEST VERSION OF YOU!!!! Who HE created you to be!!!! The continual standing against the lies of the enemy attacking the people of God in the area of their identity, to cripple them is leading many of His people into DEEP encounters.

I saw Jesus come to many of His people in these deep encounters and He was holding a mirror and suddenly scales were falling off eyes. He smiled and said “LOOK and SEE” and many of His people opened their eyes WIDE with a look of shock, amazement and overwhelmed with love as they began to SEE, who they REALLY ARE. Who they were created to be. As this ‘awakening’ was taking place at a deeper level, I saw angelic hosts strapping weapons into their belts and into their hands. Weapons that were always theirs, but never picked up because of their “wrong view” of who they were.

I then saw this HUGE pillar of fire fall from heaven and as it was falling I heard the words “FIRE OF MY LOVE”. It fell upon the people of God and began to burn up a cloak that many were wearing. The words then flooded my mind and heart “The orphan spirit is being swallowed up and burnt by the fire of My love. No longer held back, but ready to move forward.”

You are being awakened as the YOU that you were created to be. The Lord has been working deeply in your heart and your life as you have leant into Him to bring forth the best version of you. The glorious part is, it is ALL HIS HANDIWORK! This birthing is coming from a place of deep rest, a deep place of intimacy in the secret place, the people of God are awakening and arising with His Glory upon them heavier than ever.

Many have felt this has been the hardest season of their life thus far, and indeed it has been difficult, but the birthing that is happening now is positioning you deeper and further forward into the most glorious important revelatory truth there is. YOUR SONSHIP!

Be encouraged that IN the hardship and struggle, you are being awakened to who you really are and that is the most powerful place. Powerful people are arising suddenly, because of the revelation that has burnt into new levels of their hearts of WHO THEY ARE and WHOSE THEY ARE!

Fear is being broken in Jesus name. Years of tormenting fear, BROKEN. Hiding because of shame, BROKEN. Trauma, BROKEN. Lies, BROKEN!

Watch for the sudden change in your heart, in yourself. Watch for the sudden strength, watch for the sudden freedom, watch for the saddening awakening because it is happening NOW. Explosive joy is erupting in the hearts of the people of God NOT dictated by circumstances but dictated by POSITION. A son and daughter of GOD.

You have been positioned for such a time as this!!! You are being awakened to your sonship that is birthing the BEST version of you which is positioning you for greater release into your destiny.

Two worlds are about to collide. The meeting point has arrived. Heaven meeting earth opening HUGE doors of destiny. Get ready to move further forward into what you were CREATED FOR!

This awakening of the BEST VERSION OF YOU, who you were created to be, is bringing one of the greatest shifts in the spirit many have seen.

Out of deep rest, this awakening is bringing forth a heavenly alignment that is opening doors of destiny and opportunity, promotion and favour as you move forward into your world of influence, as the best version of you, shining His light and Glory in brighter ways than ever before.

Awakening and Opportunity are marrying! The Lord showing everyone in your world of influence in a new and fresh way, what it looks like to be a THRIVING, not just surviving person. What it looks like to be FULLY ALIVE, and what is possible when God lives inside someone.

Through you being awakened to who you are, moving deeper into the birthing of the best version of you are going to bring to you many invitations and encounters with others, to share His good news, to bring many into the Kingdom. To see many of those who know Him but are broken and stuck, set free as you minister His love and revelation upon them.

The enemy has attempted to hinder you from moving into this realm of deeper birthing, because you are arising as the powerful person you were created to be. You are about to do damage to the enemy’s kingdom and take back what was stolen.

YOU are SO loved! YOU are valued! YOU are a SON/DAUGHTER of GOD! YOU are powerful! YOU are a world changer! YOU are a person of influence! YOU are shining His Glory wherever you go! YOU are equipped with EVERYTHING you need! YOU are being called and positioned for SUCH A TIME AS THIS!