Lana Vawser

In the very early hours of this morning my son, Elijah had come in for his normal morning cuddle with me, and he lay beside me and after a while grabbed my iPad and started to play one of his favourite games.

In the middle of his game, a HUGE dinosaur appears in the game, this dinosaur looks BIG and SCARY and everything about this scene of the game looked like this dinosaur was going to win.

Elijah looks straight at that dinosaur with such a resolve in his eyes and he shouts “I AM GOING TO WIN THIS BATTLE! VICTORY IS MINE!!”

Instantly, the Lord spoke to me. Many in the body of Christ are STILL in the battle of their lives and this one particular huge dinosaur/giant looks SO BIG right now, and it is intimidating loudly again and raising its ugly head. Many have been feeling like they were beginning to overcome it and now it feels like it’s back again.

I felt the Lord wanted to encourage those of you in this place, that a resolve is building in you and is going to build in you more and more that is going to stare at that huge dinosaur/giant and you will decree “I AM GOING TO WIN THIS BATTLE! VICTORY IS MINE”

I also felt the Lord say “It’s going to be easy and the victory will come swiftly and there will be great explosions of joy in the taking of the land. There’s no need to fear because I have you covered. I am lining everything up to be BETTER THAN BEFORE.”

I also saw many that were in fear of the “PROCESS OF THE LORD”… “HOW is He going to set me free?”, “What will I have to walk through to get free?”, “What pathway is He going to lead me down to get the victory?”

I saw many of you have a battle going on WITHIN YOU and the Lord is going to settle the storm IN YOU, and then you will begin to take authority over the storms AROUND YOU!

I felt the Lord say “You already have the victory and I am going to release the tipping point WITHIN YOU that is going to bring the manifestation of freedom and victory first WITHIN YOU and that will then manifest AROUND YOU!!!”

Hold on! Hold on! Your testimony of this season will not be “I was traumatised to get free” or “My worst nightmare happened and then I got free”, it will be “The KINDNESS and LOVE of the Lord in His PERFECT PROCESS and GENTLE WAYS, I WAS SET FREE and this greatest battle of my life ENDED and BOWED to the name of Jesus.”

For many of you, this is the greatest battle of your life. Remember, you are moving into the greatest victory of your life. The greatest breakthrough of your life. The greatest demonstration of His love, kindness and gentleness in PROCESS with you that you have EVER seen. You are going to come out stronger than EVER before!

You will know peace again! You will know the sigh of relief again! You will know joy again! You will KNOW the JOY of walking with Jesus and stepping into ALL He has for you again but with INCREASE.

I saw Him pull back a red curtain on a stage and I saw FIREWORKS going off everywhere. I have seen fireworks a few times this year and I know the represent breakthrough, joy and celebration.

He is going to pull back the curtain revealing His breakthrough and what He has been doing for you. The fireworks as they exploded decreed Jeremiah 29: 10-11:

“10-11 This is God’s Word on the subject: “As soon as Babylon’s seventy years are up and not a day before, I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.” (Message Translation)

“Plans to TAKE CARE OF YOU, NOT ABANDON YOU and plans to GIVE YOU the FUTURE that you HOPE FOR”

Many of you are fearing being disappointed or left short by the Lord in this season, He is healing that lie, and you are going to see, that you will not be left short, you will not be disappointed but walk in, carry, release and experience in Him more joy, provision, breakthrough, increase, freedom and fulfillment of His dreams and promises in your life than EVER BEFORE.

He is awakening the new day!