Do not despair, God has everything under control. Nothing has surprised Him, and He is moving according to His Word and bringing alignment into lives.

I saw many being “knocked around” again, where they have been hit again with a trial or temptation, struggle or conflict that they did not see coming and have been left bewildered.

Giants have arisen in their lives like almost overnight and seem to be extremely intimidating and are showing no signs of falling or shifting.

I saw moments of breakthrough happening in the body of Christ right now where giftings are being released and rising up that have not been acquired before, or have been lying dormant. I saw these giftings beginning to blossom in the people of God’s lives as they aligned themselves with Him, and as they moved in the power of these giftings the giants were shifting and falling. Be on the look out for new giftings the Lord is speaking to you about or giftings that have been lying dormant that the Lord is encouraging you to move in again by the power of His Spirit. For I saw many breakthrough’s happening as the people of God moved in these giftings not only in their lives but as they ministered to others. I also saw tremendous breakthrough’s happening as the people of God prayed for others who were waiting for the very breakthrough they were believing for. Not only was there breakthrough, but breakthrough with interest added.

Do not let the transition moments now stop you from moving forward in the giftings that the Lord is releasing and resurrecting, for they will usher in greater breakthrough. Stay faithful in ministering in the giftings the Lord has called you too and He will do the rest. I saw many sitting on their hands and not moving in the giftings the Lord has given them because of the despair of circumstances, the long waiting period, the transition, fear/anxiety and shame. Do NOT be stopped in moving what the Lord has blessed you with, for as you move forward in using your giftings in the way the Lord has called you too, breakthrough is going to come swiftly.

I also saw the Lord release an abundance of gifts from heaven, abundance of blessing, such radical kindness in such an explosively amazing way that demonstrated His Glory, that these very heavenly gifts were bringing about radical circumstance and atmosphere shifts.


I saw many feeling the impending “change” of a new season coming upon them, and in the midst of the excitement there has been “fear” and “dread”. I saw there has been apprehension and lots of questions before the Lord. I have sensed the Lord saying that there is about to be MAJOR TWISTS in many stories in the body of Christ.

Like in a good movie, you often don’t see the “twist” coming and when it comes it brings a huge element of surprise.

I sensed the Lord saying that He is releasing GLORIOUSLY WONDERFUL heavenly twists right now. In the midst of your story, what He has planned is going to be so far above your dreams, desires and expectations as you lean into Him, the twist is going to shift EVERYTHING in your life. But there won’t be “dread”, but explosive JOY!

The twists are bringing long awaited bigger than expected shifts and the fear and dread will lift. These twists being released will shout His Glory and fame to all the earth. The Lord is about to do what only HE can do. The twist in the story will happen so suddenly it will be like a whirlwind and many will feel like their lives have changed overnight.

Many have already felt the anticipatin and excitement brewing in their spirit of something glorious coming, but they cannot put into words what it is.

Stay open, stay surrendered, keep worshipping and leaning into Him, because some of the greatest TWISTS in your story are about to land into your life.