Lana Vawser

The other day we were driving into Brisbane City and Kevin and I were just chatting about life in the car. We then entered onto the Pacific Highway Bridge that goes through Brisbane city. As soon as we got onto this bridge I almost gasped as I felt a tremendous shift in the atmosphere. I felt like I had just entered into a bubble and the matrix all at once. The only way I could describe it was SO SO SO much peace in the atmosphere. I felt like I was in the matrix because I was looking at everything almost in slow motion because of this overwhelming sense of peace. With a long heavy “good sigh” I heard my heart and Spirit say “GOD IS HERE”.

Suddenly, I then looked at all the lanes on the roads going “into” Brisbane city and they were on FIRE. I couldn’t see the “road” itself, all I could see were lanes of fire. The whole way to the destination we were going to this tremendous overwhelming peace did not leave me. Ever since this experience I have not been able to shake what I saw and what I felt.

Since spending time seeking the understanding of what I saw, I then saw these lanes of fire flowing through Brisbane into the Gold Coast spreading all throughout Queensland and then exploding into all the other states of Australia.

I saw all the states of Australia BURNING on fire, the beautiful fire of God, and it then spilled over into the nations of the world.
I asked God what He was saying about Brisbane and I felt Him say..


I saw explosive moves of God happening in Brisbane that was releasing what I can only describe as a domino effect into all of Queensland, Australia and the nations.

The revival fire that is falling on Brisbane city in this season is going to bring healing to the city of Brisbane, there will be a peace that has not been known before. There will be an “awe” of “God is here”.

As His people go about their daily life bringing the Kingdom, Brisbane is going to begin to shift to see the Kingdom built in tremendous acceleration. Brisbane is birthing right now, which is spilling out and overflowing and other Queensland cities are beginning to birth. Revival is brewing!!! We are entering the season now where the trickle is about to become a FLOOD!!

Explosive moves of God in the Gold Coast, explosive moves of God in the Sunshine Coast, explosive moves of God in Toowoomba, all across Queensland and all of these cities began to reach out like they had “hands”. Joining together a huge networking and move of unity was happening. As I looked closer and all these cities were joining together it formed a NET.

Instantly the sense came to me of a NET to catch FISH. I felt the Lord saying that Queensland is coming into the greatest harvest they have ever seen. The fire of God is falling upon Queenland Churches, awakening and setting His people on fire like never before through encounters with His Glory that will see them move out onto the streets and see the FIRE OF GOD moving, the fire of His love revealed powerfully on the streets.

Demonstrations of His love through the people of God being a sign and wonder of HIS LOVE.

I saw the baptism of fire falling upon the people of God in Queensland Churches that set their eyes on fire with greater discernment, wisdom, insight, the prophetic and the gift of seeing. These ones were then moving out into their daily lives and onto the streets using these giftings and REVIVAL was exploding. Sight was also increasing in Churches to SEE HIM as He is. As He TRULY IS. Lies and things that have distorted the image of God and His goodness and amazing love, as His fire was falling, was burning these off the people of God, to SEE HIM!!!! TRULY SEE HIM in His Glory and goodness and sharing it with those in their day to day lives, tremendous atmosphere shifts and miracles were erupting.

His Glory seen on exponential levels in streets and suburbs of Queensland, in universities, schools, businesses and the HARVEST was coming in.
Salvations more than we have ever dreamed. There were SO many salvations happening that I kept thinking “Is this net even big enough to contain them all?”

I then sensed the Lord saying to His people in Brisbane and all over Queensland “Ask me to give you the city. Ask me to give you Australian States” Ask me to give you the nation of Australia. Ask me to give you the NATIONS of the world.” Get ready…do whatever you have to do to be ready.. the harvest is coming in! Brisbane is a gateway and the heavenly flood is beginning to come through. This invitation was being put out to all Australian states.

I was left with a sense of urgency in the Spirit that we are at the tipping point here in Australia of seeing the greatest revival we have ever seen. We are coming into it now and it is time to PRAY. It is time to PRAY and BELIEVE that a city can and will be taken for Him. It is time to PRAY in the revival and outpouring God is wanting to release into Brisbane, and all of Queensland and all of Australia.

Heaven is going to meet earth in Brisbane and in Queensland in this season in ways that the people of God have only ever dreamed. The revival that is brewing now and spreading all throughout Australia will be revival that will be the greatest Australia has ever seen.

I saw all the states of Australia with jigsaw pieces and upon the jigsaw pieces were revelations and blueprints of heaven to see the Kingdom of God built in Australia.

As the networking was happening across the states of Australia a great alignment was happening in the exchange of revelation. I felt the Lord highlighting the IMPORTANCE for networking and working together and sharing with those who the Lord is leading you to, the revelations and blueprints He has given you. For as this networking and sharing is happening, wheels are being put on visions and blueprints and the Kingdom of God will be built in accelerated ways all across Australia.

I saw these networkings and exchanges taking place that was not only building his Kingdom in an accelerated way but it was creating pools of revelation all over the nation for people to come and drink deep and be led into love encounters with our wonderful gloriously good God. The pools were for ALL!!!! Those who are hungering to go deeper in seeing His love. Those who know Him and have not had the deep revelation of His love and goodness and those who do not yet know Him.

I also saw leaders of Churches and movements all over Australia having prophetic dreams and visions for other Church leaders, ministries and movements, and in the delivery of these words, dreams and visions keys were handed to the recipients for long awaited breakthrough in their midst and DEEP unity was being birthed to work together in building His Kingdom.

God is shaping the states of Australia to bring in a HUGE harvest. To come into deeper encounters with His Glory and love like never before.

I also sensed that in this great move that is coming to Brisbane, Queensland, other states of Australia and Australia as a whole, the Lord is calling His people deeper.

To continue to examine their hearts in the light of His presence. To continue to walk in integrity and holiness, not in striving, but out of the overflow of being in intimate relationship with Him. For what He is releasing upon this nation, to be carried properly and stewarded well requires HIs people going deeper in intimacy with Him and having clean hands and pure hearts to ascend the mountain of the Lord.

In the midst of this glorious outpouring and move of the Spirit that we have not seen or even imagined before, we must prepare ourselves by going lower and deeper in the secret place and examining out hearts and letting His fire fall upon us, making us more and more like Him.

Brisbane, Queensland, States of Australia…
Your tipping point has arrived…
The greatest revival you have ever seen is brewing…
Will you call it in? Will you step in?