Lana Vawser


I know this is a longer word, but I encourage you to take the time to read this word through.

Recently I had a dream and the Lord showed me a root that was hindering and blocking many Pioneers and leaders in the body of Christ. It was the root of DISAPPOINTMENT.

I saw the root of this disappointment some recognised it, others didn’t, but this root of disappointment had become a landing pad for the enemy to come in and to keep these leaders and pioneers caged and locked down.

The Lord is wanting to add increase, creativity, insight and the birthing of “new strategies” and “pathways” to these Pioneers and Leaders but because of this root of disappointment, it was keeping many caged and unable to enter into a whole new realm of intimacy, insight, increase and innovation.

The ability to dream, to raise their faith, to have joy in the process and expectation of the new was being hindered, leaving many feeling exhausted and finding it hard to stand.

In this dream I saw the Spirit of God beginning to awaken many Pioneers and Leaders to these roots of disappointment in their hearts and the Lord was beginning to remove them through deep, radical, unprecedented encounters with His heart that was leaving them transformed and free.

The Lord is removing these roots of disappointment to release many of His Pioneers and Leaders into a whole new realm of divine appointment with the new and the birthing and walking in the new pathways in this new season that He is releasing them into.

I heard the Lord say:

“You cannot move into the new appointments carrying the baggage of disappointment. So here I am with My fire to burn up the disappointment and in its place you will receive greater insight, creativity, vision, excitement and manifestation of the new. Do not be anxious about “how” to deal with the disappointment, just come to Me and position yourself before Me, and I will do the rest.”


I saw the Lord inviting these Pioneers and Leaders into a deeper place of worship and I heard the words “Worship and Praise Me over the disappointment.”

I saw Jesus inviting His leaders and Pioneers into a place of INTENTIONALLY worshipping and praising Him for His goodness, His faithfulness, His love and kindness, for who He is OVER the disappointment. An intentionality of engaging with God through praise over the disappointment and I saw the Lord come with fire. He was releasing healing, He was bringing comfort, He was bringing reassurance, He was bringing freedom and the ‘root’ of major disappointments was being removed and healed by His love.

From that place I saw these Pioneers and Leaders moving into such a new, fruitful land. The goodness of God, blessing and fulfilment of His promises was further concreting the healing. The goodness of God demonstrated was bringing a deeper settling of heart, the chains of disappointment fallen away and His breath of life back into the parts of the heart where the trauma and disappointment had taken root.


Pioneers, Leaders when this root of disappointment you are about to FLY like you have never flown before. The JOY, the PEACE, the ability to dream big, to enjoy the garden place with the Lord in deeper ways is going to leave you in wonder and awe. He wants you free. Many of you have carried this root of disappointment for too long. In His presence, in the secret place, the matter is being dealt with.

You are about to catch the wind of His Spirit of the NEW THING He is releasing you into. You will soar like an eagle, and not be continually pulled down to the ground by disappointment and fear of dreaming again.

Where many of you have lived with a deep root of disappointment, the Lord is now decreeing freedom and healing and you will know a season of AMAZING DIVINE APPOINTMENTS in MANY areas of your life.


The root of disappointment being removed is CHANGING THE WAY YOU SEE! You are about to see COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY. You are moving deeper into the place of being discipled by His perspective and I see the Lord breathing upon your faith. Your faith is going to increase to a whole new level and you will SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY and you will be known as one who DREAMS and BELIEVES! You will see with greater clarity in His heart, DECREE what you see, and it WILL be established rooted in His Word. Where disappointment has stolen from many of you and caused you to be in a place of DELAY, now as you move into this place of greater sight and aligning yourself with what He sees tainted not be disappointed, you will see some of the greatest demonstrations of the winds of acceleration in your life and through your life.


I saw many who have been locked in this cage of disappointment for SO long, I saw in the healing, in the freedom, I saw the enemy has used this root of disappointment to keep you from moving into one of the giftings the Lord has placed within you. Where the disappointment was a heart response, left undealt with, the enemy has landed upon it and brought a caging, but NO MORE!

A GIFT OF FAITH!!!!! I saw many who have faced disappointment over and over and not being able to overcome it, this is your day of freedom, this is your season of seeing this root removed, and a GIFT OF FAITH being awakened within you. Many will be drawn to you by the Spirit of God for the gift of faith that you carry, for you to intercede for them and minister to them, and see the miraculous power of God released in their lives. You will move from a place of living in disappointment to taking the Lord at His Word and believing for even the most impossible things.

I saw many of you Pioneers and Leaders who have been caught in disappointment for so long, rising up and living in the revelation and manifestation of Mark 11.

Jesus replied “Let the faith of God be in you! Listen to the truth I speak to you: If someone says to this mountain with great faith and having no doubt; Mountain, be lifted up and thrown into the midst of the sea, and believes that what he says will happen, it will be done. This is the reason I urge you to boldly believe for whatever you ask for in prayer – believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” – Mark 11:22-24 (The Passion Translation)


I saw the Lord decreeing over the Pioneers and Leaders:

“Where disappointment has caged you for so long, I now release you as a LOUDER VOICE OF HOPE! I am now raising you up as a RELEASER OF HOPE everywhere you go. What I will have you pioneer, what I have you leading, where I have you going, you will release an impartation of hope EVERYWHERE you go!.”