Lana Vawser

I have been feeling a real turbulence in the Spirit in the past week. Opposition increasing again for many especially in the area of fear, constant bombardments of lies, hopelessness, verbal attacks, false accusations and doubt.

I saw many of the people of God feeling like they were reaching capacity under this opposition, breakthrough began to happen, and then the opposition began again. I saw the enemy looking for the “buttons” on the people of God to push in order to steal their peace and shake them up again. Feels like a whirlwind of fear has surrounded again.

The Lord is calling His people to deeper trust in Him and His good plans. Those who are hearing lies and the enemy’s prognosis of doom, rebuke it and stand on His truth and know that many of you are standing at the door of your destiny, about to move through. This is why doom is screaming at you!

Keep your eyes on Jesus, keep His praise on your lips and nestled close to Him and you will see Him turn the enemy on his head. You will see your positioning yourself in His presence and truth and your bold faith, see the enemy turned on his head, and his plans will NOT extend to the doom he is speaking.

Many have been feeling like they are constantly living in the first half of John 10:10, that the enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy. That they are continually being hit, continually battling his lies and threats to kill and destroy without feeling like they are living in the latter half of John 10:10, that He (Jesus) came to give life and life to the full. Many have been feeling like they have been living so short of what Jesus paid for them to live in.

Rejoice and know that the enemy is being turned in his head and you are moving further into the abundance that He purchased for you at Calvary, through your door of destiny, and know at a deeper level what it means to live the abundant hope filled life in Him.

Let me remind you again, as I have shared in many posts – some of your greatest moments in Him are before you. You do not have to live in fear, all will be well, He is turning the enemy on his head, confusion into his camp and you will move into greater boldness and destiny filled adventures in Him.