Lana Vawser

I had a vision where I saw the enemy releasing arrows with great force against forefront leaders and forerunners, but the enemy was specifically targeting areas of “gifting” and “ministry areas” where these ones are “anointed”. I saw these arrows hitting the prophetic in the area of their voices, their mouths, their authority, their confidence, to those operating in gifts of healing and healing ministries being hit in their bodies with physical ailments, to those with preaching/teaching gifts being hit with despair, confusion and distraction. I saw arrows hitting those called to write causing disorientation, unusual blockages, constant issues with computers/technology, time being stolen and a heavy discouragement hovering over them. These issues I saw were not things caused by lack of wisdom or by these forefront leaders and forerunners not being faithful stewards or obedient but “being hit” from an outside source, something out of their control that was just bringing up one obstacle after another.

I was suddenly taken to a dark dark place where I could hear the whispers of the enemy and he was speaking to his army that the purpose of these arrows was to “knock these ones of out their place.” The purpose of these attacks was to knock the forefront leaders and forerunners off the front line, out of alignment, steal stability and momentum.

I then saw the Lord stand before these forefront leaders and forerunners and He spoke “It’s time to link arms tighter than ever before.” There was a call to unity, reaching out to those around you who can bring you support and stability, strength and encouragement through this time. That as the forefront leaders and forerunners link arms with those around them, there was a greater strength and ‘gaining of ground’ that was happening in the body of Christ. The darkness was being pushed back by the allied forces of God. This is not a battle to be fought alone, but to support, encourage and uplift one another. There is POWER in unity. More ground is being taken right now in the personal lives of these forerunners and forefront leaders by linking arms, and causing a ripple effect right through the body of Christ, releasing greater momentum in the body of Christ to take new ground and to see His people led further than before.

The enemy is attacking the very areas that the Lord is highlighting right now for powerful increase, greater release of His anointing, favour and promotion. These attacks of the enemy are actually an ‘indicator’ for where the Lord is about to release DOUBLE to these forefront leaders and forerunners. Giftings, anointings and callings are being awakened at greater levels right now. The Lord is releasing great vindication over these forefront leaders and forerunners. The Lord is righting “wrongs” and turning over “false accusations” and bringing forth His truth.

The Lord is turning things against you, around. I saw Jesus give each of these forefront leaders and forerunners TWO BIGGER arrows for EVERY arrow that was being sent against them. The Lord is not only restoring double, He is bringing forth redemption of circumstances and leading these ones into greater revelation and levels of authority. New levels of authority to see atmospheres shift, breakthrough’s happen, the kingdom of darkness pushed back through you like you have never experienced before. Forefront leaders and forerunners, hold on, because you are about to take more ground than you have ever taken. What the enemy has meant for your harm, the Lord is turning for your good. (Genesis 50:20)

Where the arrows the enemy has sent have brought ‘wounding’ and ‘hurt’, the Lord is bringing deep healing, and restoration. Many forefront leaders and forerunners have been hit suddenly by these arrows, and as suddenly as these arrows were released, so suddenly shall the Lord turn things around. Even though in many ways it may look like the enemy has succeeded, he has not, because there is a divine turnaround before you.

“Even though they plot evil against you and devise wicked schemes they will not succeed. For You will make them turn their back; You will aim with Your bowstrings at their faces.” (Psalm 21:11)

There is a shift taking place in the spirit right now. The Lord is arising with His bowstrings at the enemy and his army. Do not weary, do not faint, for things are about to suddenly change, and your giftings and ministry areas will be suddenly increased, favoured and promoted by the hand of the Lord. Circumstances that have caused great trouble, are turning to platforms to receive DOUBLE. Where many of you have felt these “arrows” have knocked you into the “pit”, you are now moving into the “palace”. The very areas that have knocked you hard, the hard ground, are going to suddenly turn and break forth releasing flowing springs of living water and life.

Forerunners, forefront leaders, as you stay close to Him, stay positioned, stay aligned, don’t give up. You are breaking through into new realms, new lands, new levels of breakthrough and manifestation of His promises greater than that you have ever seen before. You have been walking and pressing through the “narrow places” and it has been tough, the cost has been SO high, but you are about to be entrusted with more than you could have dreamed of. Refreshed in a way you cannot imagine, vindicated in a glorious way by the hand of our beautiful Papa God and restored to MORE than before.

You have not only broken ground for your own life, but for the body of Christ. Your faithfulness, your “YES” to Him is about to be rewarded. Your tipping point has finally arrived.

Get your baskets ready, they are no longer going to be in lack through the attacks of the enemy and his stealing and destroying, they are about to OVERFLOW with more than you have EVER had before!!!!!