Lana Vawser

Tonight, I felt an urgency in the Spirit and felt to release this encouragement to many who are struggling with heaviness and discouragement. I heard the words “There is a mission against the vision.” I saw a demonic assignment being released against many people who are “carrying their vision (contending)”, “birthing their vision” and “walking in their vision”. There has come a sudden discouragement, a sudden loss of “joy in the vision”, a sudden feeling to “give up” or “withdraw”. This is exactly what the demonic mission that has been released against your vision wants you to do. I asked the Lord what to do in “standing” against this attack and I heard the first part of Habakkuk 2:2 “Write the vision plainly.”

Go before the Lord and rewrite out the vision He has given you as a prophetic declaration of its manifestation into the natural realm, for that is what is about to occur in many lives who have not given up. As the vision is written I saw a “refreshing wind of hope and rejuvenation” being released back into hearts and shiftings the oppression attempting to “steal the vision”.

You are now entering “new levels” of the “vision”. New levels of ministry await many. It’s time to rally around your intercessors and prayer support as you transition across.

Not only is the “vision” about to be birthed, but it is coming with significant change, significant shift and significant increase. Do NOT give up on the vision the Lord has given you. This demonic mission has been sent to steal your energy, your joy, your focus and leave you teetering on “giving up”.

You’re moving into your promised land and He is holding your hand. There may be a “mission” against your “vision” but as you continue to stand, it will unfold in ways bigger than you have envisioned. When I heard the word “envision” I heard it as “AND VISION” and saw it was “VISION + MORE”… so much more is about to spring forth than you have ever seen before.