Lana Vawser

I had an encounter with the Lord today where I saw Jesus standing before me and I knew that He was before me to speak to me concerning the greatest outpouring of His Spirit across the earth.

As He stood before me, I felt such a tugging in His heart, the only way I can describe it was a deep yearning, I was undone by the level of yearning I could feel pulsating from His heart.

As He looked at me, I was suddenly surrounded by the sense that He was about to let me see into His heart for the body of Christ in this season, and what I heard come out of His mouth surprised me and undid me.

“PLEASE, PLEASE embrace the fire upon your character, PLEASE allow Me to deal with your character so that people can see ME CLEARLY”

All in one moment I felt the purest form of love that I have felt, a line being drawn in the sand for the people of God to say “YES” to Him no matter the cost, to say “YES” to His process despite the uncomfortableness, and yet even while feeling this yearning of love for the people of God to accept the invitation before them because it was going to lead to something greater than they could have ever imagined.

I then heard Him speak again:

“I am bringing My people back to Me as their first love, I am releasing My fire on character in this season in deep ways, for gifting will not keep them in the doors of favour I am opening for them. I am wanting to deal with the deep hidden things of the heart, I was to clean out things that are holding them back, I want to deal with things that are tormenting them, I want to deal with the things that could be potential areas that could cause the enemy to come in and pull them out of the place of favour I have for them, because they have not embraced My fire on their character. Many are perceiving the fire upon their character as they have done something wrong, and that is not true, that is the lie of the enemy. I am dealing DEEPLY with the heart and HEART MOTIVES right now because the greatest end time revival that is going to be released upon this earth is going to be marked with PURITY, LOVE and CHARACTER. A whole new level of purity, love, character and integrity will be seen across My Church as I move in power and in signs and wonders from the place of the divine dance with Me as their first love. Holiness is going to mark the end time outpouring in ways the world has never seen. Holiness that is free of a religious spirit, but holiness that is pure and flowing out of hearts that are just seeking to be with Me and love Me. I am restoring the MANIFESTED FRUIT OF HOLINESS through My people AS they embrace this fire. My people are holy, and My people are righteous in Me because of the Cross and My resurrection, that is the solid biblical truth, but the outworking of the fruit of holiness is going to be seen in a whole new ways as My people embrace the fire. This fire on character must be embraced now so My people are KEPT in the revival and the doors of favour and opportunities I am releasing. I am purging and pruning hearts and heart motives SO THAT My people are strong. I am restoring a deeper honour of My heart in My people.

“Who then, dares to climb up into the presence of the Lord? And who has the right to enter into the holy place where He dwells? It will be those who are clean, and whose works and ways are pure; whose hearts are true and who are sealed in the truth. Those who never deceive, whose words are sure. Those who live like this will receive the Lord’s blessing and the righteousness given by the Saviour-God. They are the very ones who will stand before God. For they seek the pleasure of Jacob’s God by seeking His face.” (Psalm 24:4-6) The Passion Translation

“If you burn away the impurities from silver; a sterling vessel will emerge from the fire; and if you purge corruption from the kingdom, a king’s reign will be established in righteousness.” (Proverbs 25:4-5) The Passion Translation

Some of the greatest doors of favour, opportunity and responsibility are upon My people in this season, but to attempt to walk through those doors without embracing the fire upon character I am releasing is moving forward without wisdom. My fire upon character right now is not only going to see My people move forward in this season with longevity and sustainability but pure vessels that I will flow and shine through.”

God is going after hearts! He is going after heart motives BECAUSE He loves us! I really feel the fear of God in this season, the awe of who He is and what He has called us to do. The doors He has placed before us, and some of the greatest doors of opportunity and favour are before us in this season and we NEED to steward them well. Part of that ‘stewarding’ is allowing Him to examine and deal with our hearts. To bring heart motives to the surface if there are any there, that aren’t pure, so He can bring realignment in love, He can bring healing and a purification. He is coming as a GOOD FATHER who is shaping, cleaning out and purifying the hearts of His people FOR OUR GOOD.

I feel a line being drawn in the sand in the body of Christ right now, it’s all or nothing. He is calling us as His people to be pure vessels, to be holy. To be people of NO compromise. To be people of integrity. To be people attentive to His heart and drawing back to Him as our first love in ANY WAYS that we may have placed our focus or affection on anything else before Him. Oh how He embraces us in our repentance and our surrender. How He draws us close to His heart and wraps His arms around us and restores us.

In this great move of God that is beginning to build across the earth, there is a great SHAKING that is happening and GOING to happen in the midst of it. The shaking that will see a great alignment come into the body of Christ on a scale that we have not seen before. An alignment and shaking that will begin to see PURITY AND POWER manifesting. Purity and HIS power manifesting. Integrity and character are being married with love in this revival. Out of this place shall flow rivers of the prophetic in the purest form that the Church has ever seen.

It is an exciting time! The greatest seasons and opportunities for the body of Christ is upon us right now to see the Holy Spirit move in us and through us in a way we have NOT experienced before. As we ‘get our houses in order’ and embracing the fire He is releasing upon our character, is bringing us to a place of DEEP surrender and recognition for our need of Him that is going to explode the GREATEST MOVE OF GOD in power than we have EVER seen before. This intense pruning and purification is setting up the people of God that embrace it for STEADFAST PERSEVERANCE, STRENGTH AND PROMOTION.