Lana Vawser

I saw many of the people of God feeling like elastic bands.

The stretching had continued to points beyond their expectation and it seems when they take one step forward they are then stretched three or four steps back.

I had a vision where I saw the people of God caught in an elastic band and being stretched further and further back to the point where they thought they were about to snap, but right at the final second the elastic band was released and the people of God were catapulted forward with such force, precision and acceleration that they flew higher with greater escalation than they had foreseen.

The people of God when they were released out of this elastic band of stretching had HUGE WINGS and carried by HUGE WINDS!!!! These HUGE wings had words on them. WISDOM and TRUST! Wisdom for the increase and deeper trust in HIM!

As the people of God SOARED I saw them look below them into these beautiful waters and their reflection was HIM!!!! Shining HIS GLORY!!!!

God is releasing some mighty winds of favour, increase and promotion and in His kindness and love He wants His people EQUIPPED and READY to carry the increase and be able to fly in these winds.

No matter what you are walking through God is using it FOR YOUR GOOD! The stretching is FOR YOUR GOOD. He is extending you and He is causing ALL things to work together for your good.

Even things the enemy is bringing against the people of God He is turning around to bring His people into a deeper trust in Him which is EXTENDING the people of God on the inside.

If you are feeling stretched, keep moving forward. No matter what is in your path, no matter its origin, God is using it ALL for your good.

There are HUGE WINDS of favour, promotion and increase being released and our beautiful loving caring Daddy wants us READY with HUGE wings of wisdom and trust in Him to carry what He is releasing.

You will be released faster and higher than you can imagine and as you soar you will see your reflection is shining HIM!