Lana Vawser

I have been sensing the Lord speaking about this being a season of incredible MULTIPLICATION in the body of Christ. The Lord is taking the seeds of faith, obedience and thankfulness sowed in this season by His people and there is a GREAT HARVEST being released. I saw scales in the Spirit and on one side there was the “seeds” that the people of God have been faithfully sowing and on the other side of the scales was a HUGE abundance of fruit. Fruit of breakthrough, fruit of favour, fruit of provision, fruit of increase, fruit of opportunity, fruit of revelation and fruit of intimacy. There was SO much fruit on heaven’s side of the scale that the plate of the scales had completely met with the table it was placed upon.

I then felt the Lord say that “What My people are sowing in faith and obedience is meeting My heart of MULTIPLICATION and desire to LAVISH good gifts upon My people and TIPPING the scales in their favour.”

As the scales TIPPED and the plate of the “fruit” scale met the table I heard the sound of doors UNLOCKING all around. As this sound of doors unlocking and padlocks being broken open, I could also hear the enemy and his demons shrieking.

I then heard the Lord speak again..

“My people, do not be discouraged by the “seed” that you sow. Do not feel that the seed is “TOO SMALL” or “NOT ENOUGH”. For with your seed of faith as small as a mustard seed you can MOVE MOUNTAINS. What you see as a “small” seed of faith is one of the most POWERFUL things in this season, because you are moving in faith and obedience to Me, and your seed on earth is meeting My heart of multiplication. Heaven is being released on earth. Through the obedience and faith of My people, not only is RADICAL multiplication being seen, but what the enemy has locked away from the people of God, the things he has tried to hide from My people, the things he has attempted to steal and destroy are being GIVEN BACK and MORE THAN BEFORE. I am holding the enemy at ransom, I have arrested the enemy and I am commanding he release all he has withheld and I am seeing to it that seven times MORE multiplication is released on top of what he stole. There is a significant UNLOCKING taking place. Do NOT doubt your seed of faith, obedience and sacrifice of praise. For a divine exchange is taking place and it is UNLOCKING treasures that have your name on them and they will not just “trickle” back into your life, but come in with a DIVINE FLOOD.”

Multiplication is being unlocked in HUGE ways! Keep sowing your seeds of faith, obedience, declaration and worship, for they are unlocking a harvest that is BOUNTIFUL and tipping the scales in YOUR FAVOUR!