Lana Vawser

There is a great assault and attack against many frontline leaders and forerunners right now. The enemy is working hard to ‘shut down’ these ones and hinder them from moving forward and stepping into what the Lord is about to do in and through them.

I had a vision where I first heard the Lord say “FRONTLINE LEADERS AND FORERUNNERS BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES.”

I then saw many frontline leaders and forerunners all together and bent down on their knees with their shields held up in front of them, sitting behind their shield of faith, and there was a BARRAGE of arrows being thrown at them. Every time they have thought the “assault” had ended they stood up and the arrows would begin again. Many frontline leaders and forerunners have felt like they are in a moment of complete ‘assault’ from many directions. I saw many frontline leaders and forerunners weary from the battle.

In this vision, I in front of these frontline leaders and forerunners and I could see enemy and his demons and they were shooting arrow after arrow at them attempting to wound them. In the ‘weariness’ many of these frontline leaders and forerunners were facing at times they put their shield down out of discouragement and weariness from holding it up, and were “hit” and “wounded” by these arrows that had come against them. So they were then holding their shield of faith up again but finding it harder than before because of the “wounds” they had received.

I then saw Jesus walk up behind many of these frontline leaders and forerunners, and I saw Him place His hand on their backs one by one and He was praying for them. Interceding for them. As I watched I saw Him moving His hand all across their back in different spots. I walked over to have a look and saw other wounds these frontline leaders and forerunners had received were on their back. But the enemy was in front of them, so I was perplexed by these wounds on their back. Suddenly, this “knowing” came over many. Not only were many of these frontline leaders and forerunners being hit from the front and the enemy coming on strong with his assault, there has been an assault against many of these ones from the ‘back’. Being “stabbed in the back” by people they trusted, even other believers, judgements, curses and jealous words that had been spoken against them.

I could see Jesus was healing these wounds and praying for their strength in the midst of their battle. As He prayed His Words of truth and love were bringing such deep healing. A deep strengthening was happening in these frontline ones.

“The God of Israel will be your rear guard.” – Isaiah 52:12

The Lord then spoke “A refreshing heavenly oasis (a fertile spot in a desert, where water is found.) is opening up before you. An invitation into deeper intimacy in the midst of this battle. Many of you have felt you are in the desert, the battle has been so intense, weariness has left you in a place of feeling dry and exhausted. Before you I am opening up a fertile spot, a place of life and heavenly waters of refreshing in Me.”

Places of incredible encounters with Him are opening up for frontline leaders and forerunners right now.

Suddenly, I saw pools of water forming around these frontline leaders and forerunners IN THE MIDST of the battle. Nothing had changed from the “arrows” coming against them, but there was a new level of intimacy being opened up for them as they remain steadfast in faith. Encounters with His heart like they have never had before while in the chaos of the battle. A DEEP refreshing was coming to these ones. An increase of visions, prophetic dreams, encounters that was seeing them begin to STAND UP in the midst of this battle and walk forward in boldness. As these ones began to walk forward in boldness I saw Jesus walking with them, I could see Him behind them, beside them and before them all at the same time. They were holding their shield of faith in their hands and a determination in their heart and eyes to see the enemy and his demons overcome by the authority that was theirs.

As they moved forward, the enemy began to retreat, further and further back. I then noticed that as they were moving forward in boldness and a deep refreshment that had taken place in these encounters, I saw the body of Christ as a whole, and in the middle I saw a clock. It looked like a normal clock face with numbers and a clock hands, but then also on the clock face where various quadrants and they all represented seasons the body of Christ was moving into. I saw the hour hand was seconds away from midnight, but still in the “contending season” quadrant. As these ones moved forward they began to speak out declarations and heavenly revelations the Lord had given them in these encounters and suddenly the clock began to shake. It was like an earthquake was happening in the middle of the clock and SUDDENLY I saw the clock hand move TO MIDNIGHT and then again SUDDENLY FORWARD into “HARVEST REVIVAL INCREASE TIME.” The “knowing” then came over me that many of these forefront leaders and forerunners have been under such ASSAULT it is because the Lord is releasing through them, the revelations and kingdom keys to SHIFT the body of Christ into “HARVEST REVIVAL INCREASE TIME” but it was an accelerated pace. Moving the people of God into a time of GREAT REVIVAL within the body of Christ and releasing revival to the world.

What they were “fighting for” behind their shields was not only for THEIR personal breakthrough but fighting on behalf of the body of Christ to see one of the GREATEST shifts the Church has seen before. Paving the way, breaking ground for the body of Christ to move into the greatest time of harvest, revival and increase they have experienced.

Suddenly as this clock hand moved past midnight into the “HARVEST REVIVAL INCREASE TIME” I saw physical ailments, unexplained sickness and diseases, heavy financial burdens and word curses SUDDENLY disappear off these frontline leaders and forerunners. MUCH of what these ones had endured through this season was sent from the enemy to STOP THEM from moving forward and SHIFTING the body of Christ into her new season. There was SUDDEN restoration. I saw Jesus approach these leaders and forerunners who had stood firm, and moved forward, hand them a HUGE KINGDOM KEY. As He placed it in their hands they spoke “Thank you Lord, I receive and believe.” I saw this key labelled “DOUBLE RECOMPENSE”. As their declaration and thankfulness met with His provision SUDDENLY “DOUBLE DOORS” were unlocked around them, that released “DOUBLE RECOMPENSE” upon them for all that had been taken and broken in the ‘assault’.

Forefront leaders, and forerunners, there has been great assault against many of you, and the enemy has been screaming “GIVE UP”. Do NOT GIVE UP, for you are not only fighting for your personal breakthrough but the SHIFTING of the Body of Christ into the greatest season we have seen thus far. You are bur steps away from breakthrough. The Lord is with you. He is bringing healing to you. Some of the greatest encounters with Him are UPON YOU in the midst of the battle. He is opening up a heavenly oasis of refreshing before you in the MIDST of the battle. You will receive GREAT wisdom and revelation in these encounters and great strengthening that will not only set you on your feet again, but give you the KEYS to shift the body of Christ into this new season. The Lord is walking with you, behind you and before you. It may seem that things have been LOST and BROKEN in this season, and it may feel like you have been under a constant barrage of arrows, but you are moving forward in greater strength, courage, fearlessness and revelation. Not only will you see tremendous breakthrough in your life, and receive double recompense but a HUGE corporate breakthrough and shifting ACROSS the body of Christ.

I honour you for fighting. Jesus honours you for fighting and standing. I am proud of you frontline leaders and forerunners. Jesus is proud of you frontline leaders and forerunners. Thank you for standing! Jesus thanks you for standing. Your faith, obedience and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. Great is your reward.

Jesus stands before you welcoming YOU into your “HARVEST REVIVAL INCREASE TIME” with the body of Christ following after you.