There is a great shaking happening in the body of Christ right now. Everything that can be shaken is being shaken.. ALL FOR GOOD.

This shaking is bringing the people of God back to their “TRUE NORTH”. He is our TRUE NORTH AND OUR SOURCE.

Do not fight the shaking. Embrace the shaking for you are being set up for EXPANSION.

This morning during worship, I had a vision where I saw this beautiful bride lying on an operating table and immediately I knew that she represented the Bride of Christ. I saw Jesus and He was dressed in theatre clothes, and He was performing surgery upon the Bride. As I looked closer, I saw that Jesus was performing heart surgery on the Bride. There were vines that were entangling the heart of the Bride and causing her pain and dysfunction. At times I saw the Bride struggling and almost fighting against this surgery because of the “pain” it was causing. Every time the Bride struggled, I saw the beautiful loving eyes of Jesus peering over the surgical mask with such love and His eyes filled with tears. He stroked the Bride’s head so gently and without physical words, just through the glorious look of love in His eyes, the words entered my heart “All is well. Hold onto Me, this is for your good and is going to be glorious and setting you up for great expansion.”

As the Bride calmed and placed her hand in His there was such a calmness, such a peace, such a sense of His comfort over her. He removed the vines one by one and as these vines were removed in their place was LIQUID LOVE. PURE, HOLY, LIQUID LOVE, the revelation of His LOVE. The goodness of the Father poured all over the wounds. As this liquid love poured into the heart of the Bride I saw the word “DOUBLE” flowing into the heart of the Bride.

For the “pain” of the shaking was MOMENTARY compared the glorious revelation and goodness He was releasing into the heart of the BRIDE. DOUBLE! DOUBLE! DOUBLE!

The whole room was filled with His presence, such thick glorious peace and excitement of heart that it felt like even the walls were crying out “HE IS SO GOOD”. Every part of my being was overcome with the revelation of HIS GOODNESS.

There is a shaking happening all over the body of Christ right now and a deep heart surgery, BUT IT IS FOR OUR GOOD!!!!!! It is for expansion and increase, healing and wholeness.

I then saw Jesus turn to me and He said to me “Lana, tell My people, it is ALL for this one thing”.

Suddenly I was taken into a dark room and a spotlight came on in the room. From one corner I saw Jesus walking into the middle of the room as the spotlight followed and He was dressed in a tuxedo. He stopped in the middle of the room. Then another spotlight came on from the other side of the room and the most beautiful bride walked over to the middle of there room to meet HIm. Together they danced, they danced in such unison and flow. There was no hint of struggle but PURE FLOW. Such deep intimacy and the look of love in the eyes of Jesus was overwhelming. The look of affection from the Bride was encapsulating as I saw her heart coming more and more on fire, a revival of affection towards Him with every step. It was like every step she took with Him, her heart became MORE alive as she saw MORE of who He is. The Bride was moving from the questioning of “hoping” He IS good and faithful to “KNOWING” He is good and faithful.

They danced and danced and as I watched my heart was filled with this excited longing sense of deep intimacy with Him. He is doing deep heart surgery and there is a great shaking to bring His Church back to that place of deep affection with Him. JESUS being the true north and ULTIMATE source.

The lights then went on in the room as they continued to dance. Such a GLORIOUS bright light of His Glory and standing all around the room were people from all nations of the world. As they watched this glorious dance of unity between the Bride and Jesus, they began falling to their knees on their faces crying out to Him as their hearts were overcome with HIS LOVE and KINDNESS and how HIS LIGHT SHONE through HIS BRIDE.

This shaking and this heart surgery is not just for your good as a child of God to bring expansion and increase and wholeness into your life, but it is FOR THE WORLD. The word will SEE as the Bride dances in deeper intimacy with Him and flow of the Spirit. Salvations will explode.

Hold tight to His hand. Through the shaking, through the surgery and KNOW that this is for your good, but also for the sake of the world.

Embrace the shaking and KNOW that when you come out of this heart surgery and shaking season you shall know HIM and have a DEPTH in Him like never before. He will be your true north more than before. Such a deep revelation of Him as your ultimate source and His GOODNESS AND LOVE shall explode more and more in every part of your life.

Promotion, increase and expansion are upon you. Don’t fight the process. EMBRACE IT.. for the pain and discomfort is for a moment, He is WITH YOU in the discomfort,, but what the Bride of Christ will step into as she rests in Him and embraces the process will be more glorious than she has EVER seen.