Lana Vawser


The Lord has been speaking to me lately about SEASON DEFINITION. SO much is changing right now, there is rapid acceleration happening and things are shifting and moving. The Lord is releasing so much insight and revelation for the new season upon us and for 2018 and it is a very exciting time to be alive.

Recently I had a vision and I saw Jesus inviting the body of Christ “back to the drawing board”.

The Lord was inviting His people “back to the drawing board” with Him to RE-DEFINE, RE-CONFIRM, and DEFINE the season that He has His people in.

The Lord is wanting to DEFINE and REDEFINE the season so His people know what He is calling them to, what He is saying, what it looks like and the strategy for this season.

There is a temptation to “fight against the season you are in” because you haven’t had the DEFINITION of the season from the heart of God.

There is SO much transition and acceleration happening right now, and I felt the invitation strongly from the Lord to CONTINUE to go back to Him and to be asking Him what the strategy and blueprint looks like for this season. The Lord showed me many that have had a real unsettling in their spirit and part of it is the transition of change and acceleration, but the Lord showed me as the blueprint fell upon His people, PEACE came in the transition.

In receiving His blueprint for your season, His definition, I saw it becoming an even stronger anchor point so that when other things come to redefine your season, you will stay true to the definition the Lord has given you.

In the defining of the season from the heart of the Lord, I saw SO MUCH abundance, SO MUCH fruit, SO MUCH favour and SO MUCH JOY!!!!!!

Don’t fear the shifting, the re-definition of your season and the new definition of His blueprints, I felt an anxiety within many “It looks so different, will I miss out” but I saw Jesus in this vision smiling and He said “Yes, it looks completely different, there is a great RE-DEFINING and NEW DEFINITION but it is leading you to INCREASE. The test in this season is will you remain TRUE to what I have CALLED YOU TO and My definition of the season upon you? I am leading you into a new land full of milk and honey, abundance and full of REFRESHING, but you must trust My definition and My way.”


The Lord showed me that in the DEFINITION and RE-DEFINING of seasons that He is leading His people into a new place of rest. There will be a deeper place of settledness and rest in His vision and definition of the season that will not only bring great joy and remove anxiety, it will bring an empowering and strengthening of the VISION to RUN with the vision He releases.

I heard His whisper “It’s a new place of REST TO RUN”

“Come back to the drawing board”

I encourage you today, to go back to the drawing board with Jesus. There are encounters awaiting you where the Lord will re-confirm, re-define and define the season that you are in and the new season that is being entered into. Stay true to what the Lord has called you to, even if it looks different to what you expected. Know that HIS definition of your season will lead you into a place of greater increase, rest, empowerment and joy.