Lana Vawser

There has been a very specific assault against many with the sole purpose of stealing joy. An assault to steal expectation, hope, contentment and feelings of joy in all that the Lord is doing.

I saw this assault as a very heavy weight and burden upon many. A heaviness and weariness that felt like the “life was being sucked out” of many.

This heaviness, discouragement, and heavy weight many have been feeling, many have felt it has been difficult to break through, shake it off and shift it. It has come upon many suddenly, but will also leave suddenly.

I felt the Lord was specifically highlighting fasting as a HUGE key to breakthrough. I heard the words while being with the Lord “Fasting is fast tracking many into and back into joy.”

I feel like the Lord is really putting emphasis on fasting right now to bring a great shift, deliverance, breakthrough and acceleration. Fast tracking into joy. A sudden ‘cutting away’, deliverance and freedom is going to take place in the fasting process right now.

As many of God’s people fast this month of January, are going to see the Lord position them for a greater “take off” in February. You are going to gain greater authority over the very area and demonic force and principality (some are facing) through the fasting process as He awakens you to the authority that you ALREADY have in Jesus, but also the authority you are gaining as you continue to push through this incredible heaviness and assault to steal joy.

Don’t give up! Push through! You are going to KNOW the joy of the Lord AS your strength.

“This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” (Nehemiah 8:10)

The enemy has been lying to many that this season is like no other and will be another season of grieving, but I felt the Lord saying that He is rebuildng confident expectation in Him, HOPE ARISING and RAINING DOWN again that will see the FRUIT of that joy released. Get ready to laugh again and like you have not laughed before!

I asked the Lord why there has been a constant emphasis on “JOY” and a constant assault by the enemy to see JOY stolen, and I felt Him say, because this year 2016, is going to be the year of great JOY for many. Greater peace, greater confident expectation in Him. Faith will go to new levels, and breakthrough and increase of the manifestation of His Word will go to a whole new level. This will be a year where JOY and many fruits of joy, hope, peace, confident expectation and LAUGHS will be restored.

You may feel very heavy right now, but I want to encourage you to keep pressing in. Fasting is a key right now to unlock MORE than you are believing for. He is going to FAST TRACK YOU INTO JOY in areas you haven’t had it, and FAST TRACK YOU BACK INTO areas where you had it before and it has been lost. It’s going to break and joy will break forth again.

The joy that is going to be restored to you through fasting is going to see you extended, accelerated, increased, rebuilt and taken into greater encounters with Jesus. Fasting is creating some of the greatest platforms for breakthrough you have ever known and awakening the ‘eyes of the heart’ of many to SEE AGAIN and weariness broken once and for all.