Lana Vawser

This morning I heard the words “Doors of favour opening in Australia” and I saw door upon door opening all across the nation.

Doors that have been previously locked in many ways to the body of Christ are about to suddenly fly open. There are new avenues and doors being opened to the people of God to move through, to release the love of God, the good news of the Gospel and extend His Kingdom in new favoured ways.

As the people of God press in and remain available to Him, the Lord is going to open doors of favour that only He can open and that no man can shut. (Isaiah 22:22)

Many of the people of God need to get ready to meet with people of influence, greater divine appointments, being in “the right place at the right time” at an accelerated pace in Australia that is going to bring one of the greatest shifts this nation has ever seen. Australia has been in a time of sifting and now she is moving to a time of shifting, taking her place to see heaven invade earth on an exponential scale.

As these doors were opening I saw the nation tip radically. It was a significant shift and movement of the nation. I saw that these doors of favour were opening for the people of God to release His love, power and messages of goodness and restoration into this nation and she was being further led to take her place. It is time for Australia to step into her God given identity and destiny.

There is a blueprint being birthed in Australia with the DNA of heaven for the new move of God that will spread to nations awakening them and empowering them, unlocking them to their destiny and the blueprint for that nation of what God is going to do.

Testimonies will be shouted loud from Australia. I saw nations begin to turn and look to Australia for the new thing that is springing forth from the heart of God in that nation.

The Lord is awakening His people as they press in and are positioned in Australia to His love at a new and fresh level. The revelation of their identity that will release them, free from competition and striving to move out into this nation to release the Kingdom in greater ways. Signs and wonders of love on the streets, in the marketplace, in government, in schools. A revolution of love is brewing and exploding!! Stopping “for the one” and the people of God moving in deeper revelation of loving others with the heart of the Father. People who find themselves homeless, widows, orphans, leaders, people of influence, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, no matter where these people find themselves, the people of God reaching out to release His love. Bestowing honour and value upon people in Australia, a spirit of honour demonstrating the heart of the Father, calling out the gold in people, no matter what they have done or where they are at. Leading them into encounters with our glorious kind loving Papa God.

I saw dry lands all around Australia in both the spirit and in the natural and suddenly springs of living water were bursting forth in great measure. A great move of the Holy Spirit was coming to these dry spiritual places and physical dry desert lands in Australia. “A turning occurring” to be known as some of the greatest areas of the Holy Spirit moving and flowing.

I saw the five fold ministry (Pastors, prophets, evangelists, teachers, apostles) arising in this nation in a greater way to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12-16) The five fold are arising to greater levels of influence to empower, encourage, assist and serve God’s people to equip them to move out in power.

I saw the Lord releasing a greater level of intercession over the Australian Government to see His fire fall.

As the people of God pray I saw the Government of Australia on fire. Government leaders and officials having encounters with Jesus. A tipping point has been hit for the Australian Government as the people of God press in for His fire to fall. Salvations increasing in governmental circles and arenas. People positioned to walk through doors of great favour to minister to government leaders and officials.

I had a vision and saw many in the night hours some as they slept and some were awoken given prophetic insight and kingdom keys to pray into, to unlock the destiny of Australia.

Deep encounters await the people of God as they press in for deeper revelation of Papa God’s love and the truth that we are loved. Orphan spirits are being broken off the people of God in Australia as they encounter their good Father and His heart of them.

In these encounters I saw seeds being deposited in the hearts of His people. The impartation of deeper revelation of Papa God’s love. As this seed was embraced and bloomed in the hearts of His people, as they went out in their every day to, to the doors of favour He was opening I saw a culture shift in the spirit taking place over Australia. The atmosphere beginning to shift as the people of God move into what He is asking them to do. The orphan spirit being broken OVER Australia and a spirit of competition broken over this nation. As the people of God move out fully awakened to Papa God’s love in this season, one of the greatest moves of God in Australia is about to manifest. A spirit of honour from His heart beginning to spread through a nation.

I felt the Lord challenging His people “Do you believe a nation can be changed? Do you believe that a culture and atmospheric shift can take place in the face of impossibility?

I believe that Australia is at a place right now that as we as the people of God rise up, will be written about in history.

The signs and wonders and demonstration of Papa God’s love and the belief system of God shifted to the place of truth, that He is a GOOD Father will manifest as the people of God take a stand. Australia to be known as the nation of love and Papa’s love flowing powerfully around and out of this nation.

I heard the words “Australia it is time to cast your nets, the greatest harvest of souls are upon you.”

People of God, it is time to arise! It is time for Australia to take her place.