Lana Vawser

Now is the time to be positioning yourself before Him asking for greater insight and revelation in prophetic dreams.

I saw a wave being released from the throne, a wave of anointing for greater prophetic dreams containing revelation and insight. This wave was flowing through the body of Christ and as the people of God were positioned in their prayers, hungering more for seeing Him speak in dreams, they began to be swept up into the glorious release of this significant increase of anointing to dream His dreams in the night.

This wave of anointing was releasing those who had not dreamt before into the realm of dreaming and adding SIGNIFICANT increase to those who do dream. There is a double portion of anointing being released from the Lord now to move into a whole new level of prophetic dreaming in the body of Christ.

I saw a breaker anointing flowing in this anointing that was being released by His Spirit. This breaker anointing was going to be seen in prophetic dreams giving the people of God greater insight into the breakthroughs that He is bringing and going to release in the body of Christ keys for them to receive personal and corporate breakthrough.

Be on the watch for nations in your dreams for the Lord is releasing significant keys in dreams of destinies over nations and future events in nations that He wants the people of God to partner with and pray in and see that breaker anointing released, to see even the hardest ground in nations break open and the Glory of God fall and bring healing to the nations.

I saw many across the body of Christ who are being severely attacked in their dreams. Stand firm and continue to invite the Lord into your dreams, continue to worship before you sleep. I saw the attack of the enemy on dreams breaking suddenly and those of you who have had the enemy wage war on your dreams are about to move into a double portion of prophetic insight in your dreams.

I heard the Lord say “Ask for My fire on your dreams” and the fire of God fell bringing significant increase upon prophetic dreams and things hindering Him speaking in dreams burnt away.

I saw prophets, teachers, intercessors and those with prophetic giftings who are aligned in and with Him and His heart suddenly encountering the fire of God in their dreams in such significant ways that messages of fire were being released to them and through them on a whole new level and in the midst of their messages was a roar of the fire of His glorious love and revival being sounded all across the earth.

These ones a moving to a platform of greater insight, revelation and their voice getting louder with a significant increase of prophetic revelation as they have moved to the next level. They will begin to release a sound louder than ever before “A REVIVAL OF THE FIRE OF HIS LOVE IS COMING!!!”