Had this word scheduled for another day, but I cannot shake the prompting to release it this afternoon. Hope it brings encouragement and peace to those who need it.

Lana Vawser

There is a temptation being brought to many right now in their waiting and frustration to strive and push and SETTLE for SECOND BEST.

Do NOT settle for second best. To continue to rest in Him and wait on His promises to manifest is the test. Keep seeking Him and know He will take care of the rest. He is giving you the grace you need through this especially when you feel like you have been brought to arrest by the frustration and waiting.

He is not aloof to your hearts desires and His promises to you. He is faithful! The enemy does not want you to move into God’s best, he is attempting to rip it out from underneath you because stepping into God’s best is CLOSER than you realise!!

Wait for God’s BEST. It WILL be worth it. God’s best is about to MANIFEST!!