Lana Vawser

In this season of unprecedented acceleration, breakthrough and release, I have been asking the Lord for His wisdom and discernment to move through this new day with grace, humility, integrity and purity.

Today as I sat with the Lord, on July 7th, a crossover day, I felt the Lord speak to me about this new day of breaking forth. This is what I heard:

My eyes are roaming and I am looking for those with laid down agendas. From the place of agendas laid down the winds of acceleration will pick up speed and rise and build by the power of My Spirit. Sudden structures (old systems or mindsets and things in people’s hearts coming down to be reshaped in love to be extended to then catapult and birth the new wineskin and increase) will rise emanating My power and Glory that have been birthed from the seeds released, nurtured and cultivated from the place of intimacy.

In this “new day” many structures built in striving or ‘out of tune and time’ that are not birthed from purity of heart, will begin to come down and be reshaped by My love and then rebuilt from purity and deeper intimacy.

Many will be surprised at what comes down and what springs up because I am doing something completely new.

The rest of this year will see the manifestation of fruit that was birthed in the fire in both the negative and positive. This exposing of fruit is happening to make room for “the new”.

Many are expecting pruning to be over but in the release of greater fruitfulness will come greater harvest but also a greater purging and pruning of clearing away and clearing out to make room for more and more new seeds of promise, harvest and breakthrough.

In this acceleration of harvest and promotion there will be a greater requiring of your YES My people.

A YES to where I am leading, and not saying “YES” to all that glitters and sparkles. There will be MUCH glitter and things that “sparkle” and look amazing as doors are put before you My people in this very season, but only following My YES will see you be led into ALL THAT IS GOLD!!! MY BEST!!!!

Come deeper My people, in this season of radical breakthrough, of springing forth, of coming out, come deeper still. Nestle into My heart to hear My strategy! The strategy of heaven which will look upside down to many!

If you My people do not call out for My wisdom and strategy of heaven for the pathways and roadmap for this new season, you will feel dizzy in the acceleration like you are wandering aimlessly without direction.

Give Me your YES AFRESH!!!! Follow My YES in this season even when you don’t understand the doors I say NO to and the doors I say YES to.. But KNOW THIS.. I am building an army of light that KNOWS My heart, that are laid down lovers with fire burning in their eyes, the fire of My love. Those who have come alive in the secret place and have laid down any agendas, but live radically just to KNOW ME!!! What may be perceived as another “disappointment” to things I say NO to in this season, is not Me disappointing you or letting you down but leading you to a GREATER APPOINTMENT!!! The road in this new season is narrower than before and requires a greater level of surrender and trust but oh the abundant life and encounters with My heart and Glory that you will enter into! The more freedom, joy, breakthrough and promotion you will see!!! The pathway in this season is flavoured with MARINATION to RELEASE YOU into GREATER ACCELERATION.

Guard your vineyards in this season, let your borders be prayer and following My wisdom and obedience. Deeper levels of the Song of Songs season with Me and in that place I will take care of everything to train you to keep the foxes OUT!

You are rising My army! With a strength, purity, integrity and intimacy with Me you have not know before. Awakened to My love! You are becoming more and more like Me and carrying My Glory!

I am leading you in this season to a place that’s bigger than you dreamed, more than you asked for and greater than you expected!!!! I want you to steward this season well and I am training you right now!!

My people, I don’t want you to settle for anything less than MY BEST!!! Trust Me!!! For the brightest most glorious day is before you but in order to move in and through this new day, you MUST KNOW My YES!!! What is about to open up to you is an abundant door of HEAVENLY TREASURY and through YOUR YES and knowing MY YES you are stepping into a “divine set up” of more than you ever asked for!