Lana Vawser


Recently I heard the Lord say “FROM SADNESS TO GLADNESS!” and I saw the Lord leading many who have been carrying great sadness in their hearts for many reasons into deeper intimate encounters with Him where His love and comfort was going to heal the sadness that has crippled many.

I saw many in the body of Christ “putting on a brave face”. Many were feeling like they had to just “push down the sadness” and keep decreeing and holding on in faith. I believe we should ALWAYS be in a place of decree and living by faith, but I saw many had been trying to not face the hidden sadness because it may mean “lack of faith”. I saw Jesus come, in His beautiful way, and He was inviting them into a place of rest, laying theirs heads on His chest and He was inviting them to “let it out”.

The Lord is wanting to heal the sadness that many are carrying. The Lord is wanting to heal the sadness that has been hidden within hearts. Sadness that has been recognised and spoken, and sadness that has been hidden and unspoken.

I saw the Lord speaking such love, such encouragement and such life over His people. Wave after wave of His Spirit and His Word was bringing healing and life.

Over these ones carrying the sadness I heard the Lord make a decree over their hearts and lives “NOW.. FROM SADNESS TO GLADNESS”.

Psalm 30:11 was the banner and promise:

“Then He broke through and transformed all my wailing into a whirling dance of ecstatic praise! He has torn the veil and lifted from me the sad heaviness of mourning. He wrapped me in the glory garments of gladness.” (The Passion Translation)

I prophesy over those of you who have been carrying sadness, a deep, beautiful time of healing, refreshing, rejuvenating, comforting season of encounters with God are upon you that is going to TURN the SADNESS to GLADNESS.

There is a new season of GLADNESS upon you, where all your heart has known is SADNESS, now your heart shall know GREAT GLADNESS in His presence.

I prophesy over you that even before the end of 2017, there will be significant breakthrough of the sadness you have carried. There will be GREAT breakthroughs in 2018, but I prophesy significant shift of this sadness before this year is out. I prophesy there will be great healing to the wounding, the trauma, the sadness, the wailing you have been carrying and you will see Him break through and transform the wailing into a WHIRLING DANCE OF ECSTATIC PRAISE!!!

How you see Him, how you see His heart, how you hear His voice, how you experience His love, comfort and healing is going to lead you into a whole new level of joy and great praise that you will not keep silent about. Where the sadness has stolen your song….A new song will burst forth from within you of praise to God.

“How could I be silent when it’s time to praise you? Now my heart sings out loud, bursting with joy, a bliss inside that keeps me singing. I can never thank you enough”. – Psalm 30:12 (The Passion Translation)