Recently God showed me a vision of a huge building which represented the arena of His church. There were wires hanging from the ceiling and clusters of wires and pipes and tubes sticking out from the walls and coming up through the floors. They were unattached to anything but the feeling was that they were live and may be dangerous to touch. Everyone was avoiding them and ignoring them. Just kind of living ‘around’ them.

I heard the people crying out for more of and from God and the prophets calling for the new thing and the next thing. There were many tears and prayers of supplication. It was very sincere and clothed in warfare type worship. I felt quite disturbed in my spirit and knew that God was about to speak into this.

He told me that His church and His peoples’ lives were full of LOOSE ENDS, which could best be described as unfinished, unresolved, unsolved, unaddressed and unprocessed issues connected to people or things and assignments He had given over time. There were issues great and small. Some were simply words left unspoken that we should have, could have or would have said but the opportunity passed? However they still hang there like unworn clothes in the closet of our conscience. Perhaps God asked us to do a particular thing once upon a time but we never got around to it, or only completed it in part? Now we find ourselves regularly thinking about what our life would have been like ‘if only’? God’s Word tells us that He will finish/complete that which He started in us. He is DILIGENT – are we? He said this:-

“Everything I initiate is birthed in life and alive when I give it to you and trust you with it. If you bury these things alive they will simply re-emerge as weeds in the soil of your life and you will find yourself standing in a field of regrets (weeds). Regrets act like a handbrake left on in the vehicle of your life and ministry, and I cannot accelerate you into the dynamic I want whilst you are still entangled. If I have not killed that which you are determined to ignore, for whatever reason, then I still require a return on it. These were the opportunities of obedience where you failed to worship me. I am still holding my end of them and I extend them to you again at this time and season. You are still anointed for them. Work with Me on these before I give you more. I desire to give you so much more at the right time. My prophets are responsible to bring HOPE. Regrets are the opposite to this. My prophets must be cleansed of regret and must recover their own hope before they can be effective to inspire my people forward. This is the work I am doing IN you before doing a new thing THROUGH you. Worship Me in this.”

The PROPHETIC MINISTRY should be the VOICE of HOPE! Can I encourage us therefore to tidy up as much as we can of LOOSE ENDS in our life and ministry – lest they dangle aimlessly and endlessly like fruit which won’t ripen to bless anyone? God’s purposes await our obedience. Yes, Lord!

Apostle Lynne Hamilton
Forerunners International Network
Gold Coast, Queensland