While praying today I felt like the body of Christ was “pregnant with promise.” I saw diaphragms realigning and new life in wombs getting ready to birth. Several prophetic voices have heard that June would be a birthing month for many promises and it seems that I am seeing promises fulfilled in many people’s lives. I believe that this will spill over into July and we will see a greater number of births – in fact I sense Him say that He will do exceedingly above and beyond our wildest dreams! I feel Him say to prepare – to “nest” and be ready for the birthing in the coming weeks. Just as a new mother has a baby shower or party to celebrate and prepare, He loves for us to live in expectancy and desires us to enjoy this season while we wait for our promise. My spirit rejoices as I hear Him say “It’s coming! It’s coming! It’s coming!” A shift is coming, and we can REJOICE!