Prophetic word for November 2015 to Australian Leaders
Maria Mason

“Recognise the River and Recognise the Prophets”

This is a time for building up the leaders and especially the prophets! Now is the time for the prophets and apostles, pastors, teachers and evangelists to build new systems and new pathways for My glory. All over the nation, new wine skins are being built to bring and to hold the new wine. Prophetic revelation for a new season.

I have been re-building the foundations and establishing channels like aqueducts, for the refreshing of My river to flow into your cities and towns. Just like in the Roman era, these channels brought the life of fresh water but also removed the waste from among the people. Without My River flowing, there can be no life and no cleansing. Release the river!

This is a season to recognise and call out the prophets in your nation. There is a new glory on the prophets of this generation. I have many kinds of prophets and they are saying many things because I am doing so many things among you in preparation for your huge destiny. Some are called to proclaim the Bride’s destiny: these are My destiny prophets. Some are called to proclaim justice to the nations. Some are called to proclaim heart healing to my people’s wounds, which must be healed.

There will be glory on the body because of my teaching prophets. There are also going to be many mystical prophets arising amongst you. Make way for the musical prophets, poets and the artists! There will be a new move amongst the artists and in the entertainment industry in Australia. A huge wave of glory is coming on this nation for prophetic evangelism.

Train, equip, mentor and pastor your prophets Australia! Recognise the gifts. Call them forth. Get ready for new revelation. As you build up My prophetic company, new divine intelligence and wisdom will fall on the church. Unique blueprints for a unique season of preparation.