God of the breakthrough!
Maria Mason

I awoke to the words “write it down, write it down…. GOD OF THE BREAKTHROUGH, GOD OF THE BREAKTHROUGH, GOD OF THE BREAKTHROUGH! If you don’t write it down and sing it and decree it… it may not happen!! Arise and write it down. Sing it. Declare and Proclaim it to the Church!!”

God awoke me with both this promise and a rebuke! It was very clear to me that it’s not a time to say …. “when the breakthrough comes” but, “now the breakthrough comes!”

He shouted this at me and Im giving it to you! He clearly said: “SHOUT OUT: GOD OF THE BREAKTHROUGH, GOD OF THE BREAKTHROUGH, GOD OF THE BREAKTHROUGH over every situation, every need and every battle!”

Then He showed me: “I am raising up BREAKTHROUGH prophets who will proclaim in the midst of this generation that I AM COMING WITH MY BREAKTHROUGH TO THE CHURCH. I am giving power to a generation of prophets who will first overcome in the dark places to reign from the high places! They are prophets of power and strength, not of their own, but of the Father’s grace and ability. They have died and their lives are hidden in Christ and they reign above the works of the enemy. NOW is the time for Breakthrough!”

I feel the Father saying over AUSTRALIA and nations that are pregnant with promise, “DO NOT GROW weary! Do not grow weary! DO NOT GROW WEARY, for I am coming to fulfil MY word in the nations. The fields are ripe for HARVEST and many are about to come flooding into the Kingdom. Do not say they are hard fields, say…. THE FIELDS ARE WHITE!

Arise my Beloved and declare and decree in your prayer rooms, prayer houses and from THE HIGH PLACES….. the GOD OF THE BREAKTHROUGH IS COMING!”