Megan Howell


I feel there is a wholesale mobilization of the body coming! And in preparation, there is a great emphasis on equipping the saints in new areas- equipping them for the areas of the build that are unseen or unexpected. I saw Prophets being given new perspectives and vantage points to see the gaps in the wall- going on and leading builds in these places as God placed trowels and cement in their hands.

I sensed God releasing people from previous molds or methods and releasing them into a fresh and new thing- an authentic expression of who they are- they were not asked to leave their profession but LEAD THEIR PROCESSION!

I saw many many many who had not had permission to fly and soar before being asked to fly at last and called UP AND OUT! I heard the Lord sing ‘Come out of hiding’ and a procession of prophetic leaders moved out into the streets and marketplaces- I saw them being released like pigeons by their leaders, carrying a vital message to the world. They were cooing ‘it’s something new, it’s something new, it’s something new God wants to do!’

PROPAGATE I heard as the prophets released- and they carried the seeds of change!! I saw them nesting in every area of society! I heard the Lord say SPEAR HEAD THE CHARGE- and these prophetic pioneers birthed kingdom movements in their new nesting places! It was UNCONTAINABLE PROPAGATION, UNCONTAINABLE PROCLAMATION! Some nested in some very strange places (tattoo parlors, RSL clubs, boutique clothing stores etc)- it was UNCONVENTIONAL and INTENTIONAL. I felt the Lord say ‘I am releasing wild dreams and wild imaginations’.

Church leaders- I felt the Lord say ‘Embrace the difference’- embrace the quirky and the new! EMBRACE AND RELEASE. Don’t be afraid of the wild and free- they know where home is! They will return with olive leaves in their mouths, but unless they are released you cannot know what they will see! Free them up! Give them space! Room to breathe and room to be themselves- they will serve you well without walls! Look and see as the Lord highlights the Paul’s and Barnabas’ to you- those ones to set aside for release! Empower and entrust them to follow as the Spirit leads, beyond your walls and into the streets!

To the prophetic pigeons (those out of the boxers)- if you see a gap, fill it with your love! We are given eyes not to poke sticks in holes, but to FILL AND FIX! The wise woman builds her house up, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down (Prov 14:1)- so be quick to build others up with your words and lead by example! Ready yourself for flight by preferring one another! READY YOURSELVES WITH LOVE! Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other (Rom 12:10)! Let us excel at honoring each other!