Megan Howell


I had to laugh when the Lord spoke this morning- He was singing ‘Awake awake its time for stake, it’s time to give this place a shake!’ He was very very happy with Himself!
Then I saw a large yellow stake being driven into the ground, and I felt the earth shake as God chuckled to Himself. Then I saw these stakes being planted in various locations across Australia. I felt God say ‘Stake your claim’. Time and time again we are hearing the call to extend our tent pegs and prepare for increase- God is waiting for our response, He’s watching to see what Australia does with His invitation.

This is not the time for sitting idly by, but of moving forward, of extending our influence as kids of the King and of staking our claim in this nation! The Lord is inviting us to find new fields- to extend- reach out, and to occupy with joy! This is the season of skipping through the field of our dreams!

I felt the Lord say ‘I’m sending in the front row-ers’ and I saw a line of very large rugby players shoulder to shoulder, moving forward in a line. Then I saw that it was actually a line of Angels- front row Angels sent out before us, to break opposition, and to create gaps for the wingers (that’s us yay!). Any good winger knows you’ve got to be running before you hit the gap though! So put your boots on and get running friends! Run with the fun and wild things God is dropping in your mind, run with the ‘out of the box’ ideas and inventions, run with the unconventional strategies being released for you in this season! Don’t be surprised by the unexpected changes in direction, or the unlikely tactics that you receive- God is having fun! He’s enjoying Himself, He’s pleasing Himself- and He’s inviting you to come enjoy Him too!

More and more I am realizing the power of enjoyment! It is indeed an ‘unexpected strategy’. God showed me enjoyment as a large yellow wedge like a door stop, wedging open doors that nothing else could budge, and no battering ram could break. As this contagious joy wedged open these large wooden doors, light began to flood the dark places, and laughter was released! I saw that there was GREAT POWER IN ENJOYMENT! So beloved, avail yourselves to enjoy this new era! Give yourself permission to laugh, and smile and be silly- because there’s power in enjoyment! Delight yourselves in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart (Ps 37:4)! Feel free to play, to explore, to try new things! Enjoy yourself! It’s actually God’s will for you!